#WeekendReads & Emojiathon Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Half of the month has already passed; I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but how fast time flies! 

Every Friday, under this hashtag I keep you updated on my weekly reading progress and share with you the books that I’ll be reading over the weekend.

Without further ado, let’s start with my Emojiathon weekly wrap-up.
Since last update, I read:

I got to tick off 3 books on my Emojiathon TBR this week and with two weeks left, I have another 3 to go. It’s been coming along pretty nicely and I’m kind of proud of myself.

This week’s highlight is definitely The Nightwalker, a disorienting yet engaging psychological thriller. The creepy vibe kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I really enjoyed this. This one takes the cake.  You can read my thoughts on this book here.

Paige’s Turn was a cute quick read which I think will make a perfect summer read. There’s nothing special that makes this book stand out, the plot and the romance between the two main characters are pretty predictable but it is just so darn cute. If you’re a sucker for romance books or love stories (like me), this is for you.

Out of the three books that I finished this week, My Sweet Revenge ended up the least impressive. I did enjoy reading it, but it pales in comparison with the other two books.
You can read my thoughts on this one here.


As for my weekend reads, I’ll be most likely to keep working on the non-fiction book that I got from the editor for a review.
It’s been 5 days since I started reading this book but I haven’t made much progress with this one. I’ve just started the second chapter and I’m literally reading this at a snail’s pace. Reading 20 pages a day feels like such an achievement for me. It’s really dense and the diction employed in this book is super sophisticated; it’s far cry from the books I’d normally pick up.

Slogging on

Since this book is jam-packed with various kinds of information and my memory retention is getting weaker by the minute, I started to take notes and scribble my thoughts in a word document as I read along.  It is time-consuming, but I figured it would be better if I did this so as not to leave anything out. I don’t know if it’ll work, but I’m enjoying the process so far.

That being said, as I mentioned in my last update, non-fiction is basically not my cup of tea; I think I’ll go nuts if I keep focusing on this book the entire weekend, so I think I’ll pick up The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan.

The keeper of lost things

This wasn’t on my Emojiathon TBR, but when I picked up Luck, Love & Lemon Pie (Amy E. Reichert) for my next challenge, which is to read a book I bought because of its cover, I was a bit put off by the synopsis.  I don’t gamble nor do I know anything about poker, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get attached to the story and I decided to swap it for The Keeper of Lost Things. This is my TBR so I can bend the rules, can’t I? 😛

Anyways, this will be my fifth challenge on my Emojiathon and hopefully I get to complete this during this weekend!


What are you going to read during this weekend?
If you are participating in the Emojiathon, how are your challenges coming along?
Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you again soon 🙂

Happy reading!

#WeekendReads : June 2nd, 2017

Can’t believe it’s already Friday here in Japan – This week just flew by!
Which means it’s time for another weekly updates; let me share with you the books I’ll be reading over the weekend.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started reading The Handmaid’s Tale as part of my very first Readathon challenges and I’m on page 60 now.  I’m not far into the book, I’ve only just started, BUT I find Atwood’s writing very distinct, possessing a very unique rhythm with all the short sentences and punctuation or things like that. I don’t know how quickly I can get through this book, but I’m pumped to see how the story unfolds.

Along with The Handmaid’s Tale, I’m currently reading All the Bright Places. I finally picked up this book; this book, particularly this cover had always spoken to me but it took me a while to actually sit down and start reading. I’m currently on page 43 and liking it so far; the story kicks off in a pretty brisk, nice way and I like the two main characters struggling with their own issues. I can’t wait to see if this book will live up to the hype 🙂

Lastly – this was totally unexpected – but I picked up a cozy mystery, Killer Cupcakes. I was bored to death at the doctor’s waiting room, I just needed something to kill my time, something short and light to blast through. I’ve read this book before so I knew the plot, but I figured it might be nice to reread it so that I’d get to post my thoughts on this blog. This is a very quick read with a decent writing. I read 24% (or somewhere in the neighborhood) in just 15 minutes. Hopefully I can finish this book during this weekend.


All right, these are the books I’m working on right now. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress in my upcoming posts.
Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😀

#Reading Challenge: Emojiathon

So, we’ve finally hit the halfway mark of the year – it’s June already!
Although I’m not generally a TBR kind of reader, but I’ve always been interested in such reading challenges. Inspired by JessicaMarie493 post, I’ve decided to give Emojiathon a try this June 🙂

Emojiathon is created and hosted by  Dylanthereader5, Naya and Sarah and it goes on until the end of the month. You can take a look at the whole list of challenges for this Emojiathon here.

Here are the challenges that I picked up for my June Emojiathon:

HeartRead a romance or contemporary

For this challenge, I picked up My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon. To be honest, I personally think this challenge could also be applied to Luck, Love & Lemon Pie by Amy E. Reichert, which seems to be about a crumbling marriage, I’m going to go for My Sweet Revenge on this one.

smile  Read a book you bought because of it’s cover

This is where Luck, Love & Lemon Pie comes into play. I got this book last November solely for this pretty, tantalizing cover but this has been sitting on my shelf since then. I decided to take this opportunity to actually pick it up and read it.

freebie Freebie! Read any book

For this challenge, I picked up Paige’s Turn by Jennifer Peel. It seems to have gleaned pretty high reviews PLUS the cover looks gorgeous and summery. A reviewer on Goodreads says this book often pops up as a Kindle freebie, but it’s not necessarily the case that a freebie on Amazon.com is also a freebie on Japan Amazon, so I got lucky and I snatched it right up!

horror Read a thriller or horror

I picked up The Nightwalker by Sebastian Fitzek for this one. The plot of a young man who suffers from insomnia turning violent during his nocturnal excursions sounds so intriguing. This is also a book that has been sleeping on my shelf for quite some time, so I see this Emojiathon as an opportunity to pick this up this time around.

eyes  Read a book you’ve been seeing everywhere

For this challenge, I picked up The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Ever since the adaptation became available on Hulu, I have seen this title almost everywhere; on Twitter, On Google and not to mention in this book community.
I know I’m rather late to this The Handmaid’s Tale party, but hey, better late than never, right?

baby  Read a 2016/2017 release

This Emojiathon came at the perfect time – I downloaded When Dimple Met Rishi just yesterday! This book had been on my radar since late March or sometime and I really, really wanted to read this. I really love the cover by the way 🙂

News Read a book about a current event

If I managed to get all the other challengers out of the way, I’m going to read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.
Now, I’ve had this book on my shelf for 3 months, this book was actually my most anticipated release in 2017 and I even pre-ordered it at the end of last year, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it; something akin to intimidation made me have cold feet and push it down to the bottom on my TBR.
In order to right this situation, I’ve decided to include this book in my Emojiathon challenge. We’ll see how it goes!

There you have it; these are my challenges for my very first Emojiathon. I don’t know how many challenges that I’ll get to tick off, but I’m super excited!

Let me show you how determined and pumped up I am for this Readathon;

File_000 (25)

See? I actually took all the physical books for this Readathon out of my bookshelf and plopped them up on my couch 🙂

Being a mood reader, I tend to flip-flop my mind and pick my next read randomly despite having made a TBR. So as not to repeat the same mistake, I decided to make the pile visible as a reminder; This pile will stay on my couch throughout this readathon.
Also, I can easily keep track of my progress this way 🙂

Participating in this readathon definitely motivated me to read some books that I probably wouldn’t pick up otherwise. This will hold me accountable and I’m glad that I decided to tackle these challenges for that.

Are you participating in this Emojiathon? If so, what are your picks for these challenges?
Definitely let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you again soon! XD


Although we’re well into May already and I’m kind of late to the party, I would love to share with you guys the books that are on my May TBR.

Being a 100% mood reader, I’m prone to mood swings and my reading taste can easily change. So, this TBR thing doesn’t work for me most of the time, but I have two books that I definitely want to read in the month of May.


The first on my list is ‘Lolita’ by  Vladimir Nabokov.

If you have been following my blog (thanks so much!), you might figure out why I picked up this book; this is one of my Goodreads group-read picks for May.  There are actually some other books on the group-read list, such as ‘Moby-Dick’ by Herman Melville, but I read somewhere that the opinions are polarized – some absolutely adore the book and some just denounce it.

Given the fact that I’m still absolutely naive and new to Classics, I decided to go for Lolita and see how I’d be getting along.

As of today, which is May 8th, I’m still slowly plugging through George Orwell, 1984 and it will most likely to take at least another couple of days to complete, but I am super pumped to bury my nose in this!


cloudstreetNext on my list is Cloudstreet by Tim Winton.

Again,  this book hadn’t even been on my radar. I hadn’t even heard of him.
But earlier last month or late March, I got an E-mail message sent by BBC World Book Club saying that they’ll be inviting the author Tim Winton and discussing his bestselling novel, ‘Cloudstreet.’
(How did I end up getting messages from them without having to subscribe their newsletter, you ask? That’s a story for some other time.)

Intrigued, I decided to give this book a try and bought it from Amazon. Since they didn’t have any stock at that time, I had to wait for about two to three weeks until the book arrived at my doorstep.

If you have read this book already, please let me hear your thoughts on this.
I love reading book recommendations!

All right, guys, those are the books on my DEFINITELY-NEED-TO-READ-IN MAY list.
As for the rest, I’ll just read whatever floats my boat and see how it goes!

Thanks for reading as always and I’ll talk to you soon!

November TBR!

I don’t know where you are from, but it’s November here in Japan, which means it’s time for making my November TBR!

I’ve actually been planning this for quite some time, probably since mid-October, and I’ve finally made up my mind 😀

I’m going to read these books in the month of November:


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


As I told you in my previous post, I have never been much of a Classic fan nor big on reading Classics.
In addition to that, it’s sort of a big confession to make, but I have never wanted to be one of those sheep who just picks up something just because everybody is doing it.

For instance, I have never wanted to watch a movie while literally everybody is watching it, nor have I ever wanted to read a book everybody else is raving about.

I have always waited until the fad died down, then I would go watch or pick up the book.
It just irks me to think ‘I’m reading this book just because everybody is reading it,’ thus I’ve always kind of distanced myself from any popular stuff even if it meant I would fail to keep up with the trend.

Despite all that, having finished ‘The Halloween Tree,’ which just blew my mind with its aesthetic and grand writing, I’ve come to think there must be something in such highly acclaimed classics that grabs our attention; it would have long been forgotten otherwise.

So, I have decided to pick up this book and am at 20% right now. Wonder how it turns out!


Never Never by Colleen Hover, Tarryn Fisher


I got this book when I was debating whether to buy ‘It Ends With Us’ at Amazon.
I had intended to read this one prior to buying ‘It Ends With Us,’ dipping my toe in the water to see what Colleen Hoover’s writing is like, but it somehow slipped my mind and I ended up reading ‘It Ends With Us’ BEFORE this one.  I hope that I get to read this sometime this month.


Hope Springs on Main Street by Olivia Miles


I believe I already talked a lot about this book in my October Book Haul, so I won’t talk much here. I just need to pick up this book for the sake of being Autumn! Yes!!


The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket


The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket


I’m currently on my own ‘Readathon’ where I try to read as many genres as possible by the end of this month, and I have decided to pick up two books from ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ by Lemony Snicket.
I have read ‘The Bad Beginning’ and ‘The Reptile Room’ before and enjoyed them both. However, I no longer remember exactly where I left off, so I decided to go back to the ‘very beginning’ (no pun  intended) and start afresh.


Clockwise by  Elle Strauss


Again, as part of the ‘Readathon,’ I picked up this book from YA and Fantasy. (I don’t know about the latter, but according to what my Twitter friend says it’s about time travel, so I lump it in ‘Sci-Fi or Fantasy 😛 )


Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards


I don’t know about you,  but I always feel like reading knitting or quilting related books when Winter rolls around.
Maybe it’s because they’re warm and cozy and are perfect for snuggling under in cold, wintry seasons.
Although I know almost NOTHING about the synopsis, I picked up this book just because of the cover. Yup, I can’t help it. Don’t judge me 😛


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Now, this is probably the biggest and most ambitious challenge in the month of November.
I’ve decided to read THE Jane Austen! Holy moly, what have gotten into me?!

I have absolutely no idea if I can ever pull this off, but hopefully I can make it!
Wish me luck!


Landline by Rainbow Rowell


I originally didn’t intend to include this book in my November TBR, but I watched a Youtube Video posted by a BookTuber whom I’ve been following, and she talked about this book, ‘Landline’ by Rainbow Rowell. She likened this book to ‘comfort food,’ saying she enjoyed it, so I flip-flopped my mind and decided to read this book.


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill


I remember briefly talking about this book, and it has finally arrived at my doorstep this morning!!!

Although I wanted to include this book in my October (Spookathon) TBR, it didn’t make it, so I’m going to read this sometime this month.
My Twitter (and Goodreads) friend says it’s sooo creepy but also says she likes it, so I have high hopes on this one 😀


There you have it. These are the books I intend to read this month.
I know I’m being pretty ambitious pledging that I’m going to read 10 books in one month on top of Jane Austen, but hopefully, I can make it!

I hope you will have a great reading month, talk to you soon!


October TBR! (for the Latter Half)

I know, I know. It’s a bit too late for announcing my October TBR given that it’s already past the middle of the month, but I’ll do it anyway.

I’m going to be talking about some of the books that I have read so far (the books I liked) and the books I’m planning to read later this month.

Let’s start off with talking about some of the books that left a big impact on me:


It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover


As you may know, I’ve already finished this book earlier this month and I really adore it. It deals with a big subject matter and some of you may find it pretty heavy. I found it a bit gut-wrenching, but I quite like it. If you are up for reading my personal thoughts, click here.


The Fireman by Joe Hill


I just finished this book last Sunday, precisely one week after the purchase. Although it’s quite long, this book got me hooked in every aspect. There are actually a lot of things what I think I need to delve into bit more, so I’ll definitely go back to this book at some point. (You can read my super-mini review here.)

Now, let’s talk about my Late October TBR.

The Wedding by Danielle Steel


After finishing such heavy long books, I felt like I needed to go back to my roots – the book that literally saved my life. Although I didn’t initially plan to read this, having written the post, I got inclined to re-read this to see whether I’d feel exactly the same as I did the last time or I would have a different perspective about this book. I’m enjoying it right now.
Well, we’ll see.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


I know. It sounds kind of crazy that I haven’t read this book.

In my defense, I have watched all Harry Potter films and have read all the other books in the series. Yes, I have been on and off, but I have read all of them except this one.
I don’t know what about this book has kept me from finishing it, but I haven’t been able to get myself committed to this.


This is going to change, you guys.
Personally, I think Fall is a perfect time to read Harry Potter books. So why not?
I’ll take this opportunity to commit myself to finishing this long journey this time around!


The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Smith


I originally plan to read another Joe Hill book, ‘NOS4A2’ and I just ordered the physical copy last night. However, I’m afraid I won’t be getting it until the end of the month, so I decided to read this book instead. I got the Kindle version for a song from BookBub and I hope that I’ll be able to wrap up this October with this book – you know, on a thrilling note.


These are the books on my October TBR list and I am super excited how it turns out.
Hope you all have a great reading month. Talk to you soon! 😀