AWARD: The Versatile Blogger Award #2

Hello, bookworms!
I was recently nominated for this award by Lili@Lili’s Blissful Pages. Y’all know how sloppy I have been with such award & Tag posts… but I finally decided to get off my backside and actually write this post!

First and foremost, thank you so, so much, Lili for nominating me! I no longer remember how long it has been since I got to know Lili, but she has now become one of my precious friends and my reading buddies! I never imagined the day would come when Lili and I hold monthly 24-Hour readathon!

I assume most of you have already been subbing Lili’s blog, but if you haven’t already, you’re missing out! Head over to Lili’s blog, and susbscribe! She’s got fun and awesome contents there!

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Award: Blogger Recognition Award #3

Blogger Recognition

Hello, bookworms! I hope you are doing well.
Today, I’ll do The Blogger Recognition Award post!

Thank you,Priyasha@BOOKS & CO. for nominating me! It’s been so much fun being a blogging buddy for you, you have made my blogging life a lot funner!
If you haven’t already, definitely check out Priyasha’s blog. Her blog is full of cute stuff and fun contents which won’t disappoint you!  Continue reading “Award: Blogger Recognition Award #3”

Award: The Sunshine Blogger #3

Hello, friends!! I know I’ve really been bad at catching up with tags and awards, but here’s another award post!
Thank you, Nina@The Cozy Pages for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award!
This is my third nomination and I am so glad and blessed to know someone in this blogging community care about me when choosing their nominees 😀
If you haven’t already, Nina’s blog is something you want to check out. Her blog is full of fun contents and I adore her blog design!! Continue reading “Award: The Sunshine Blogger #3”

AWARD: The Unique Blogger Award #4 & 400 Followers!!

Hello, fellow bookworms!
The amazing and wonderful Steph@Lost Purple Quill recently nominated me for The Unique Blogger Award!
I’ve been so bad at doing tags and awards lately and it took me a while to actually make this post. I’m so sorry for being so late to do this award post, but thank you so much for thinking of me when choosing the nominees!

This is my fourth nomination (holy molly), together with the fact that I just hit another milestone of my blog – 400 followers –, there are so many surprises and unexpected things happening around me lately!

If you haven’t already (which I assume highly unlikely), go check out Steph’s blog and follow her! She is truly an amazing book blogger with fabulous book reviews, she is one of my great influences!

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This Is My Truth Now Award – The Results Are in!

Hello, everyone!

My amazing, wonderful friend Jay@This Is My Truth Now organized This Is My Truth Now Award and the winners have just been announced by his adorable Shiba, Ryder ❤  Check his post, “Rantless” here.
To my utter surprise, I came in 2nd place!!  Continue reading “This Is My Truth Now Award – The Results Are in!”

AWARD: Brotherhood of the World Award

Hello, bookworms! Misty@mistybookspace kindly nominated me for this Brotherhood of the World Award!
I have never heard of this award before and I am so blessed and excited to do this!
Thank you, Misty for nominating me – she’s a genuinely kind and awesome blogger!! It’s been nearly six months since we got connected and now our connection goes beyond this WordPress blog – we chat across multiple social media and it’s been so much fun!
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AWARD: Mistery Blogger Award

Hello, everyone! I’ve recently been nominated for this award by – wait for it –  Alex@coffeelovingbookoholic, Mischenko@ReadRantRock&Roll and last but definitely not least, Hannah@Hannah Reads!
Thank you so much, ladies for the nomination! – you all have been so nice to me ever since we met and such sweet souls!
If you haven’t already, which I think highly-unlikely – go hurry over to their blogs! They are reallyu unique in their own way and you won’t be disappointed! Continue reading “AWARD: Mistery Blogger Award”

AWARD: One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you so much, Mischenko@ReadRantRock&Roll for nominating me for this One Lovely Blog Award!
Mischenko and I met about several months ago and she has always been such a sweetheart since then! If you haven’t already, go check out her blog! She’s got great content and her posts are really inspirational and the photos (especially food photos) are amazing!! I also love that she features picture books on her blog; that will surely make a great recommendation for Mom bloggers all over the world!

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AWARD:The Miranda Sings Award

Many thanks to Des@Des’ Random Thoughts for nominating me for The Miranda Sings Award 🙂
This is the first time I’ve seen this award and the rule where I name 7 things I love about myself is definitely challenging, but let’s see how it goes!
Thank you, Des, once again for nominating me. I really enjoyed reading your answers and I got to know you a lot better than before!

All right then, let’s take a look at the rules. Continue reading “AWARD:The Miranda Sings Award”

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