Day-A-Thon TBR – August 2019

Hello, bookworms!
As you might already know from Lili’s announcement post, Lili and I are going to host another 24-Hour Readathon starting Friday, August 30th!

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August TBR

Hello, bookworms!
I cannot believe we’re already in the 3nd week of August, but how are you doing?

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July TBR

Hello, bookworms! Everybody keeps saying exactly the same thing that we’re already halfway through 2019, but how’s your reading coming along?

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Summer TBR

Hello, bookworms! Summer is approaching, have you made any reading plans for the summer yet?

As some of you may know, I don’t usually do TBR things except readathon TBRs, but I was in a mood for it and came up with my own summer TBR!

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June Reading Challenge ~ Jazzy June!

Hello, bookworms! Are you ready for June? It’s just around the corner!
So pretty and eye-catching Jazzy June‘s title image is that I impulsively decided to jump on the bandwagon – I’ll take up the Jazzy June challenge hosted by Kathy@Books and Munches!

Rule is quite simple; you simply reread your favorite books – or simply give books you didn’t love as much at first a second chance.
For further details, visit Kathy’s Jazzy June page (click the link above).

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October TBR

Hello, bookworms! It’s still a bit early to be talking about October, but I’ve already got so many ideas flowing in my brain and had so many books I want to read next month – a spooky month of the year –  and I thought I’d make my October TBR and share it with you guys. 

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Readathon TBR – July

Hello, bookworms!
As you might already know from our announcement post, Lili@Lili’s Blissful Pages and I are going to host another 24-Hour Readathon starting Friday, July 27th!

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Summer TBR

Hello, bookworms!  Summer has finally come!
It’s actually SWELTERING HOT here in Japan with the intense, glaring sunlight. (I swear I feel the heat on my skin. ) But it’s nice to find clear blue skies and white clouds every time I look up.

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#Monthly TBR – May, 2018

Hello, bookworms!  It’s May already, where has time gone?? Time flies so fast!

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