#Reading Journal: December 4th, 2018

Hello, bookworms! December is finally here! How are you all doing?
I had been feeling under the weather in the last couple days, but I finally got over my persistent cold! My sore throat has gone and my nose is no longer stuffed up! I’m almost back to normal self. Yay 🙂 
That said though, I can’t let my guards down; everyone around me in the office seems to have caught a cold, all I hear is sniffing and sneezing or murmuring that they have a terrible headache or something. 

Anyways, regarding my reading, due to my cold and it being the end of the year – a.k.a the busiest time of year – I had to do a lot of overtime work and didn’t get to read much. 
That said though, I think it’s high time I gave you some reading updates, so without further ado, here we go!

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#Reading Journal: November 26th, 2018

Hello, bookworms! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. How’s your reading coming along? 
As for me, it was a cozy, relaxing weekend. Other than the fact that I went back to the gym after a 2 year break (oh, my) and put in some work out on Saturday morning, I spent the entire weekend just chilling in my house, reading and watching YouTube videos. I obviously wasted the prime reading time! 

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#Reading Journal: November 16th, 2018

Hello, bookworms and my fellow bloggers, how have you been doing lately?
As for me, I’m struggling to get the hang of the new Gutenberg editor… it’s billed as streamlining our editing process and expanding the flexibility, yet I am a creature of habit; I got so used to the good-old Classic editor so this new Gutenberg thing is giving me a hard time… I cannot even figure out what icon I should click to, for instance, insert “read more” line! Ugh, so frustrating… 😦   How are you guys getting on with this?

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