April Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms!
How have you all been doing? It’s time for another monthly wrap-up!

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March Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms!
Winter is finally over and we are now celebrating the arrival of spring with beautiful cherry blossoms! It’s getting pretty warm today… feels like early summer already, believe it or not lol

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February Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms! I know it’s a bit early, but welcome to another wrap-up post!
Although I didn’t get to read as much as I had initially planned during my holiday in Okinawa, I managed to finish as many as 11 books!!
Given that February is the shortest month of the year, I think I did great (yeah, I know. I’m giving myself a pat on the back 😛 )

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January Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms! It’s time for another wrap-up!
January turned out to be a pretty fulfilling reading month for me, I finished 12 books last month!
I attributed it to having a lot of time on my hands during my holiday, but overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome 🙂

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December Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms!
It’s a bit late to do a monthly wrap-up, but I finally have some time to sit down and reflect on my reading in December and I think I’ll go for it anyway.

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November Wrap-Up

Hello, bookworms! How is your reading coming along?
November turned out to be pretty productive for me and surprisingly, I managed to stick to my TBR this time around! (Well, mostly)

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October Wrap-Up

October turned out to be a complete mess as far as the reading goes; although I had my October TBR all planned up, I ended up reading the books that were not even on my TBR! lol

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August Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone!  Summer is officially over – at least for me – and it’s time for my August wrap-up!
August turned out to be a complete mess for me. Although I’d had my August/Read-A-Thin TBR all planned up, my mid-summer vacation and family get-together messed up my TBR completely and I ended up picking up the books totally haphazardly.

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July Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone! July is officially over – which means, half a year has already passed. How fast time flies!
Now that we’re into August, let’s look back on the books that I read and posts that I made and such.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it 🙂

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