The Coincidence of Coconut cake by Amy E. Reichert

the-coincidence-of-coconut-cakeTitle : The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

Author: Amy E. Reichert

Length: 318 pages


I always have a hard time figuring out what to read next once I’ve finished with the one I was reading. The reason of which, I assume, is that I’m prone to immersing myself completely into the story; the lingering feel tends to affect me when it comes to choosing the next book to latch on.

I decided to try this book when I was skimming through the cover images of the books on my kindle – the tantalizing image of a beautifully frosted coconut cake just grabbed my attention.

However, I’m afraid to say that the introduction didn’t grab my attention as strongly as the cover did. The very first scene that describes what kind of a person the heroin is, was meant to pull me into the story, but it didn’t. On the contrary, I found it a bit disorienting. (It may have been my drowsiness that distracted me; I started reading this book in my bed before I drifted off to sleep.)

That said, the plot thickens after Lou found out on her fiance’s birthday morning that her fiance had actually been cheating on her. Imagine discovering such an earth-shattering fact on your SO’s birthday of all times! She undergoes a complete meltdown in the kitchen of her restaurant on the very same day when a notorious food critic A.W. Wodynski anonymously visits her place for a review. Needless to say, her mental breakdown draws out an ever- scathing, samurai-sword review from him which puts her business in jeopardy.

To make the thing even more interesting and complicated, the A.W. Wodynski, whose real name is Al Waters, falls in love with Lou at first sight. They bump into each other at a pub and then start hanging out without realizing their true identity.

Actually, this is what I love the most about this story – they both hide their true self while keeping each other company. Through the interaction, Al, who used to despise the city he lives in, discovers the true wonders of the place and goes a surprising character change.
He used to be stuck-up and arrogant but he gets soften up and becomes compassionate.

All in all, the plot is well-crafted; some may find predictable, but I did enjoy reading how Al changes his attitude and how he builds a friendship with his colleague as time progresses. The descriptions are just superb and make the story more compelling.
I particularly enjoyed reading the exchanges between Al and his colleague, John; they are so comical that I couldn’t help but chuckle. The author’s sense of humor is beautifully displayed.

The author’s excellence in writing is also showcased in depicting some heart-wrenching scenes. They beautifully reflect the characters emotional turmoil, they cut through my heart and made me let out a sigh of grief, “Oh, no.”  😥

Yet, the story doesn’t end on a dark note. Let’s just say you can rest assured about this book. I can vouch for that.

Althoguh the closing scene seemed a bit too short and hasty as though there were a certain limit to how many pages the author was alloted to close the story, other than that, I tremendously enjoyed reading this book.

This book made me realized once again; I love Love stories 😛




しかしながら、冒頭は表紙ほど引き込まれませんで(^_^;) とっぱじめのシーンで主人公のLouがどういうキャラクターかを描き、引き込まれるはずが却ってなんか混乱しちゃって。まぁ読み始めたのが眠気と戦ってるときだったのいうのもあるかもですが。(こらw)

が。Louが婚約者の不貞を知ったときから(それも婚約者の誕生日)話が面白くなります。Louはもう精神状態ぐっちゃぐちゃになって自らが経営するレストランで大失態。そ、れ、も、容赦ない批評で悪名高い料理評論家 A.W. WodynskiがLouの店を訪れた時によって、です。当然Louの失態は彼からかつてない程の切れ味抜群のレビューに至ってしまいレストランの経営が危うくなるという結果を導くのですが。

事態を更に面白くっていうか複雑にするのが、A.W Wodynski-またの名(ってか本名)はAl Waters はLouに一目惚れしちゃうんですねぇ。二人は偶然パブで出くわし、お互いの正体を知らぬまま食事したり出かけたりしだすんですね。




とは言いつつも、物語はくらーいトーンでは終わりませんのでご安心を。その点は保証します( ̄▽ ̄)



When in Rome by J.Lynn Rowan

when in romeTitle : When in Rome (Sweet Something Book 2)

Author: J.Lynn Rowan

Published: April 6th, 2016

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Length: 164 pages


Kate Miller is a professional photographer based on Atlanta. Although she’s been mainly doing wedding photography for now, she has always wanted to make her name for herself in artistic photography.

With her mother persistently nudging her to date someone and find a true love after her baby sister, Sadie happily married to a wealthy man, Nelson, she was kind of fed up with ‘genuine love’ stuff – she knows such a thing doesn’t exist, it is only for novels or movies.
To top it all off, Kate and Sadie have been at odds for some time – ever since the family reunion several years ago, she has had a knot in her stomach when it comes to her sisterhood with Sadie.

One day, she gets a job offer from her best friend Beth to fill in a spot suddenly became vacant for a fashion shoot under the world-famous, Domenic Varezzi, which takes place in Rome, Italy.

The boss, Domenic is used to call the shot and have the final say.
Shortly after the initial shoot, Kate and Domenic has a bit of a run-off about the make-up and costumes and that leaves Kate slightly humiliated.

Despite that, it doesn’t take too long for both Kate and Domenic to realize they are attracted to each other…

<My thoughts>

This is the sequel to ‘Better Than Chocolate’ which I loved soooo much.

That said, as is often the case with sequels of books and movies where the sequel turns out to be a complete flop, I had a bit of a doubt whether this would be as good as the previous one.

The verdict? I enjoyed this one tremendously!!  Just as much as I did with the prequel.

Likewise ‘Better than Chocolate,’ this little book is jam-packed with many aspects what I personally believe necessary for a good book; a healthy dose of humor, a teeny bit of sarcasm, disturbing turns of events, family ties or friendships, and last but definitely not least, heart-pumping, tingling romance!!

The love story itself moves on rather slowly. To be more precise, the love starts budding on Domenic’s side, but it is Kate who puts the brakes on, or, at least attempts to.

One thing that really irks but ends up having a strong hold on me about Chick Lit or Romance is the emotional conflict in the heroine’s or characters’ mind.
Things would go a swimmingly and happily as one can possibly hope if they followed their hearts for once, but they always make convenient excuses such as ‘not the right time’ or ‘I can’t hurt such a such a person,’ which I personally reckon as a ‘lame excuse.’

Speak for yourself, I know. In fact, if I put myself in their shoes, would I behave any differently, I wonder?

Anyways, I feels such emotional conflicts and suspension are what give such love stories a hook.

Again, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll bet you love this.


Kate Miller はアトランタで活動するプロのフォトグラファー。現在は主に結婚写真を撮っているけれど、アート写真方面で有名になりたいと常に願っている。


ある日、Kateは親友のBethから世界的に有名なDomenic Varezziの手がけるファッション撮影で突如抜けたスタッフの穴を埋めてくれないかと頼まれる。しかも撮影場所はイタリアはローマ!




この本は’Better Than Chocolate’の続編です。私、その前編が大好きでして。


結論は? もうね、ちょーーーーーー楽しめました!! 前作と同じくらいいいです。

‘Better than Chocolate’と同じように、こんな薄い本なのに私が勝手に思う「良書に必要な要素」;やりすぎない程度のユーモアとかちょーっとした皮肉っぽさとか、心をかき乱されるような展開、家族の繋がりや友情、そして大事なことを言い忘れましたが、心臓の鼓動を高めてうずうずするようなラブロマンス!!!



好きなこと言ってなさい?そうですよねw 実際、私がその立場だったら違う行動を取るんでしょうか?



Batter Up by Robyn Neeley

Batter UpTitle: Batter Up

Author : Robyn Neeley

Published : August 1st, 2014

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Length: 172 pages


<My thoughts>

In the beginning, I was feeling a bit iffy whether I would like this book or not.

The story begins with the description about ‘Batter Up Night’ where a beautiful blonde bakery owner, Emma Stevens sort of ‘prophesies’ to whom a lovelorn bachelor should tie the knot by using a carefully concocted and ‘enchanted’ cake batter.

Having read to this point, I was like, “Ugh, is this book all about witchcraft or fantasy kind of stuff? I’m not quite sure if I’m in the mood for this.

Don’t get me wrong – Fantasy is all well and good, I do read fantasy stories every now and then. It was just I was not particularly up for that twist when I started reading.

Given how the story started, I was expecting something like the movie “Practical Magic” featuring Sandra Block or “Simply Irresistible ” starring Sara Michelle Geller, a story focuses on women who possess a magical power. (I love the former by the way, but not the latter. It was Okay though.)

Such stories are all nice and entertaining when you are young, say, in your early twenties or something, but for me, it felt a bit too much and unrealistic.

Having said that, I have to admit that the love which starts blossoming between Emma and Jason is pretty gripping and fair enough, my anxiety towards the magical aspect was immediately taken over by my anticipation how their relationship would develop.

What really grasped my attention was the revelation that comes in the middle; it’s somewhat heart-wrenching and sad, but I think it does offer some clarity not only to Jason but also to readers and teachers us the importance of opening up and being true to our hearts.

My overall impression toward this book is fairly good; I am actually tempted to download the sequel through Kindle Unlimited.

The only downside that I would point out is, the “THE END” that comes right below the last sentence.
I prefer having a blank page to this “THE END” stuff. It comes across spoiling all the lingering sensation by seeing the bold capitals sitting in the middle; I always feel like being yanked back to reality every time I see the capitals.

What do you think?
Feel free to comment below!



ストーリーはブロンドの美人ベーカリーオーナー、Emma Stevens が恒例の”Batter Up Night”で特別に調合?されたケーキ生地を使って悩める独身男性が誰と結婚すべきかを「予言」する場面から始まります。





とは言いつつも、EmmaとJasonの間に芽生える恋愛感情については結構ぐぐっと惹きつけられましてw 案の定最初に抱いていたファンタジーとか魔法っぽい要素に関する不安はすっかり消えていました。それよりも二人の関係がどう展開していくのかのほうが気になりましたね。



たった一つ難を付けるとするなら、あの「THE END」って最後のセンテンスの後に持ってくるのはいかがかとw
なんか「THE END」ってでかでかと持ってこられると、せっかく物語の世界に浸ってふわふわしていた気分だったのに現実に引き戻される感じがするんですよね。

よろしかったらコメントでご意見ください 🙂

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I've got your numberTitle : I’ve Got Your Number

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Published : April 25, 2013

Publisher: Dell

Length: 464 pages

Poppy Wyatt was on cloud nine; having her wedding to her ideal man, Magnus Tavish just around the corner, she thought everything was going just great until she lost what she would never have imagined she would; her engagement ring which was passed down in Tavish’s household.

Worse still, in the midst of an emotional turmoil Poppy got her cell phone nicked by a stranger. Her cell phone!! Not only did she lose her engagement ring, the reason of which she would ever be able to explain without causing a stir, but also she had her cell phone stolen!

Just then, she finds a cell phone discarded in a trash bin and decides she will take it so that everyone can contact her as soon as the ring is found.

Things seemed settled except that the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, doesn’t agree. He wants his phone back and doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading his messages and wading into his personal life.

How will things turn out for Poppy and Magnus? Will his family find out that Poppy lost the ring? What about things between Poppy and Sam??

<My thoughts>

First of all, I thought it was a typical Sophie Kinsella book that you find it hard to relate to the heroine or the protagonist because of their obnoxiousness then it gradually grows on you as the story proceeds.

Yes, to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t help but feel really disgusted with what Poppy does with Sam’s phone. She thinks she’s doing him favors, but to me, it is nothing but a blatant invasion of his privacy. How could she possibly think what she is going will do him good?

That said, the turn of events happens in the latter part grasped me, completely swept me off my feet and I found myself ended up flip-flopping my initial impression toward this book.

As I previously mentioned in my previous review, I seem to have a soft spot for such kind of romance stories which pull at my heartstrings, and I must say Sophie Kinsella did it again; she won over my heart.

It may take a while until you reach the decisive point what I’m talking about (maybe somewhere in the middle or latter half), but once you reach the point, the story picks up speed and drives you to the end which I found really exhilarating.

464 pages seems a bit long, but I can say it’s worth a try 🙂


Poppy Wyattは理想の男性、Magnus Tavishとの結婚式を間近に控えて気分はもう天にも登る限り;Tavish家に代々伝わる婚約指輪を無くすまでは。


事態は落ち着いたかのように見えたものの、携帯電話の持ち主、Sam Roxtonは納得しない。携帯電話の引渡しを要求し、Poppyが彼宛に入ってきたメールを盗み読みしたりプライバシーの侵害することを良しとしない。



まず最初に、「典型的なSophie Kinsella 小説だな」と感じました。


とは言いながらも、後半での展開にはやられましたw 完全に足元をすくわれて一気に引き込まれた感じ。で、結局いつものとおり最初の印象をすっかり覆しているというね。

前回のレビューでも書いたとおり、私はどうもこういった恋愛物には弱いようです。で、Sophie Kinsellaは今回も見事にやってくれましたね。負けましたw


464ページはちょっと長いかもしれませんが、でも読む価値はあると、私は思います 🙂

Better Than Chocolate by J.Lynn Rowan

better than chocolateTitle: Better Than chocolate (Sweet Something Book 1)

Author: J. Lynn Rowan

Published : September 2, 2015

Published: Soul Mate Publishing

Length: 153 pages

To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t expecting much from this book.

I read this book through Amazon’s “Kindle Unlimited” and let me tell you, this little book just blew my mind.

As you can see, the cover seems a bit cheesy (for me) so I was expecting a bit sappy, cheesy Chick Lit.

Contrary to my expectation, it turned out to be a really fun, entertaining book!
The story kicks off with the heroine, Carmella’s best friend, Sadie’s sudden breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Ryan and then Sadie tells Carmella she is going to get married to a wealthy man, Nelson in St. Croix. (Honestly, I have no idea exactly where that is.)

The author’s writing is casual yet her sense of humor which seeps inside the book made me giggle quite a lot. In addition to that, surprising twists scattered here and there in this book completely held me in thrall and made it really difficult to put down.  I actually finished reading it in a matter of 2 days. (I could have finished it within a day if I didn’t have a full-time job.)

Despite its brevity, this little book (around 160 pages) has got everything a good book needs to have, in my super personal opinion. It’s entertaining, nail-biting, brisk, and who couldn’t enjoy some heart-gripping and body-tingling romance story every once in a while??? It also touches what friendship is all about.
Oh, it was so much fun reading it! I’m completely sold.

It totally outdid me. If you are into Chick Lit just like me, I highly recommend reading this one! You won’t regret it! (I hope… :p)


この本はAmazonのkindle Unlimitedを利用して読んだのですが、まぁ表紙から分かるように「多分ベターっとした感じのいかにも恋愛小説みたいな感じなのかなぁ」と思っていたら、まぁいい意味で予想を裏切られました。




私がChick Litが好きなのはそのへんなのかなぁと思ったりして 😛

すーごく読んでいて楽しい本でした。Chick Litがお好きな方には、ぜひぜひおすすめします!