2016 Winter Book Haul

Hello, guys!
It’s been a while since I last talked about the books that I bought, but as you guessed already, I bought A LOT in the last couple of weeks.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all the books that I bought.
Let’s get started!

First up, I bought the first two books in ‘The Illuminae Files’ trilogy, ‘Illuminae’ and ‘Gemina.’ by Jay Kristoff.

I don’t quite remember talking about this here in my blogs, but I have been watching an awful lot of BookTubers’ videos and following many of them both on Goodreads and Twitter.
It was the ‘Jessethereader‘ who first brought this book to my attention; he raved about this book in his November wrap-up video saying it was this book that got him out of his major reading slump.
Intrigued, I decided to buy them almost on an impulse.

The next book that I got was Anthony Doerr ‘All the Light We Cannot See.’


Again, I’d had my eye on this book for quite some time since I started following BookTubers’ Goodreads feeds; I’ve seen this book on many BookTubers’ or Bookbloggers’ ‘Read’ list.
Although this was my first shot for a historical fiction and I had my share of concerns about it,  I’d heard nothing but good things about this book, so I decided to give it a go anyway.

Next, I bought ‘A World Without You’ by Beth Revis and ‘The Nix’ by Nathan Hill.


As for ‘A World Without You,’ I got this book having watched one of my favorite BookTubers’ video. She was literally crying in the video and if you didn’t know this already, I LOVE books that emotionally break me. I don’t think I am masochistic, but I appreciate the bittersweet, poignant feelings that books give me much more than the happy, uplifting ones. Solely for that reason, I bought this book and I am super psyched for reading this!

Although I hadn’t even known about it until the end of last year, but a Japanese book reviewer, Yukari Watanabe and her comrades have been holding an annual event on Twitter where they pick out some ‘must-reads’ and discuss what book deserves the appellation of ‘The Best Book of the Year’ and ‘The Nix’ by Nathan Hill was chosen for the Grand Prize last year.
The book hadn’t even been on my radar up to that point, but my friends and I decided to give it a try having followed the Twitter feeds. I don’t even know much about the book but am really excited to read it.

Lastly, let me present to you the books that have just arrived at my doorsteps today 🙂


I don’t think I need to delve into what kind of books they are as they are already super popular in the BookTube or Bookblogger community, and I know I’m pretty late to the party, but I really wanted to get these books. Particularly, the newly-released ‘Under Rose-Tained skies’ by Louise Gornall is one of my most anticipated books. Again, this book is mentioned in Mollie Reads’s video and I got intrigued by the fact that this book is actually written by the author who has been struggling with agoraphobia herself. I have never read books dealing with mental illness and this book may wreck me emotionally, but I really wanted to read this.


Okay, these are the books that I bought recently and I’m currently trying to refrain myself from buying any more books this month (because the sum exceeded way over my budget), but I’m pretty much sure that I’ll succumb to temptations both by BookTubers and my Twitter friends.

How many books that I’ll end up buying this year, I wonder?

Talk to you soon!

November Book Haul -Part 2

Hello, all! I gushed a lot about my November Book Haul in my last post, but let me tell you this – there were even MORE. I actually bought loads of books in the month of November.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

The first two books that I’m going to show you are “Finding Father Christmas / Engaging Father Christmas Bundle” by Robin Jones Gunn


I actually read ‘Finding Father Christmas’ on my kindle this time last year, but I haven’t read its sequel ‘Engaging Father Christmas” yet. I had been on my hunt for Christmassy books when I found this bundle and I immediately put it in my cart and ordered it.

The next book is ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ by Trisha Ashley. 
Big confession time – I picked up this book for its cover 😄

I was originally debating whether to get Fern Michael’s ‘Wishes For Christmas’ which has got an amazing, festive cover. But having run through the reviews both on Amazon and Goodreads, I started wondering if it was a good idea to pick it up without having read any of her previous books. A lot of reviewers are actually suggesting one should read her other books first because the characters from her other books do make an appearance and the author doesn’t take much time to explain who they are 😦

I wanted to get that book so bad but didn’t want to risk wasting my good earned money, so instead, I picked up this Holiday fantasy book. I don’t know much about the synopsis, but do hope it’s good.


Next book is ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon.
I’d had my eyes on this book for quite some time since I watched a BookTuber’s video.
A story about a girl who is in a quite unique, sterilized environment where she only comes into contact with two people – her mom and her nurse sounds very promising and interesting.

I didn’t used to read a lot of YA books before, but I now realize I’m starting to be liking it. Taking into account a lot of high reviews, I know this book is going to be a fun, delightful read 🙂

The books I’m going to share with you from now onwards are the ones that I ordered in November but haven’t received yet.

First up, The Mist Born Trilogy Box Set by Brandon Sanderson! Yayyyy!

I’ve always wanted to read this trilogy but as I told in my post on ‘Cinder,’ I always feel intimidated out of concern that I might fail to have a good grip on the world or the settings.
However, the more I heard about good things about this Trilogy, (About ‘The Final Empire’ to be more precise), the more antsy I became and I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on it.

That’s totally a different issue that I get to read them all, I may not finish reading them by the end of this year, but it certainly gives me peace of mind that I now actually posses the series.
It’s already been dispatched from Book Depository and is on my way to my doorstep. Just can’t wait to get it!

Next up is another series that unexpectedly got me hooked – ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer.


I don’t think I need to talk much about this series; I already gushed enough in my ‘Cinder’ post about how much I ADORE this series despite not having read them all.
That said, I would argue that reading Cinder was enough to hold me in thrall and make me hopeful for the whole series.

I placed an order last Saturday afternoon but has yet to be dispatched.
Oh, no. I just can’t wait to read the next!
My heart is just screaming for the sequels!

Last but definitely not least – Yes, I bought another hyped Duology  – ‘The Six of Crows Duology’ by Leigh Bardugo. 


Despite all the reasons that I mentioned earlier, I’ve been meaning to read this duology for quite some time.
Unfortunately, I had to get two books separately rather than getting a box set due to the payment method which was available at the store.
‘Crooked Kingdom’ will be arriving tomorrow while I’m going to have to wait until middle of the month to get ‘Six of Crows,’ but I’m so excited to finally read the duology!

Now, I’m so surprised at how many books I bought this month. It’s way out of my monthly budget but honestly, I don’t regret having bought these books 🙂

I love having physical books in my hands, I adore seeing my books on my shelves.
Will I ever stop buying books?

Probably NOT.

November Book Haul -Part 1

I’ve been buying books like crazy in the last two months.
I used to primarily buy Kindle books because it doesn’t need any physical space to store my books no matter how many I may buy, and of course, for its convenience; I don’t have to haul several books around with me when I’m on the go, it also allows me to fly through one book to another with one fluid swipe on the screen. As a mood reader, I really appreciate the convenience.

However, for some reason, something clicked and then I started to crave physical books; the warm, distinct feeling of a book in my hands and the sound of paper rustling as I flip through pages.
They have now become sustenance for my soul. I don’t think I can ever stop buying physical books, at this point anyway.

I wrote a post on my October Book Haul and told you that I bought seven books in October, but to tell the truth, I bought many more than that.  Some of them didn’t make it by the end of October, so I think I’ll lump them in my November Book Haul and here it is;

Cinder by Marrisa Meyer


I bought this book having read my Twitter (and Goodreads) friend’s quick review on Goodreads. She seemed to adore the first installment of the ‘Lunar Chronicles’ so much and I decided to give it a try myself.
I don’t usually read Sci-Fi nor Fantasy, but I found the synopsis very interesting thus I decided to give this a go.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill / Luck, Love & Lemon Pie  by Amy E. Reichert


I ordered these books about a week after I made a first purchase from Book Depository.
Having been mesmerized (sort of) by ‘The Fireman,’ I was bound and determined to read another Joe Hill’s book and my friend’s review on Goodreads came at the right time – Bam!  I placed another order before I knew it along with the book I’d been meaning to read for some time; ‘Luck, Love & Lemon Pie’ by Amy E. Reichert. As I adored her book, ‘The Coincidence of Coconut Cake’ so much, I have high hopes on this book, too. (And look at the cover- that’s a beauty!)

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan / Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


I knew Holiday season was still a month away – but I just couldn’t resist getting Jenny Colgan’s new Christmas themed book; ‘Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery.’ This book literally stole my heart when I first laid my eyes on its cover.  Although I have never read any of her books, but I know I’m going to like it. Even if I don’t, I’ll at least get to appreciate its beautiful cover 🙂
As for ‘Dark Matter,’ I’d wanted to get this thriller so bad; it seems to have gotten a lot of positive reviews and my favorite Booktuber raved about it. The premise also sounds quite riveting and promising, so I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Kane & Abel by Jeffery Archer / The Pact by Jodi Picoult


Coinciding with the launch of his latest novel ‘This was a Man,’ I have seen his name everywhere.
It is so embarrassing to admit it, but I have never (once again) read his book before.
Being a fledgling bookworm, I now realize there are so many authors whose book I need to tackle before the flame of my life finally flickers out – which is, for your information, far, far ahead 😛
I asked my Twitter friends what Jeffery Archer’s book would make a good entry and they said “Kane & Abel” seemed fit, thus here it is; I’m excited to read it.
As for Jodi Picoult, I have seen her name here and there but have I never read her book sadly to say. Skimming through the synopsis of several of her books, I found ‘The Pact‘ most interesting. I was in the mood for some heart-wrenching books that would bring tears to my eyes or rip my heart open. From that viewpoint, I think ‘The Pact’ will fit the bill.

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul


Just like everybody else I assume, I get an itch to read Christmas-themed books when December rolls around.
I think I read more than 10 holiday-themed books back to back last year and I’m sure this year will be no exception; I’ve already bought three holiday-themed books from Amazon (aside from aforementioned Jenny Colgan) and this one arrived just yesterday.
I still have about 20 holiday-themed book from last year waiting on my Kindle, yet I’m afraid I just can’t keep my hands off books with cute Christmas-ish, festive covers 😦


There you have it; there are some of the books that I have bought this November.
I’m still expecting three more books to arrive, so I’ll update you once they’ve arrived.

Thanks for reading as always, and I hope you have a wonderful reading month! 😀




Cinder by Marissa Meyer

こちらはTwitter、そしてGoodreadsのお友達のレビューを読んで買いました。彼女がこの Lunar Chronicles の1作目をいたく気に入っていたようなので、試してみようと思って。

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill / Luck, Love & Lemon Pie by Amy E. Reichert

これらの本はBook Depository で初めて注文してからおよそ1週間後に買ったものです。
The Firemanになんか惹かれるものを感じ、Joe Hillのほかの本も絶対読もう、と決めていたところ、Goodreads友のレビューが絶妙なタイミングでアップされました。で、知らないうちに(って訳ないんですけどね、現実は)ずっと読みたいと思っていたもう1冊、Luck, Love & Lemon Pieと一緒に注文してました。彼女の The Coincidence of Coconut Cakeが非常に気に入ったので、こちらの本にも期待してます。(それに表紙を見てくださいよ!ちょー綺麗♡)

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan / Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

クリスマスまでまだ1ヶ月あるとは分かってました。が、Jenny Colgan の最新のクリスマス本を見つけたとき、欲しくて欲しくて仕方なくなりましたw こちらの表紙!心奪われましたよ。
Jenny Colganの本は読んだことがないのですが、きっと気に入るであろうと確信しています。仮に気に入らなくても、少なくとも飾りとしてはもってこいの表紙です。はい。
Dark Matterに関しては、このスリラー本をずっと読みたかったんです。評判もいいみたいですし、お気に入りのBooktuberさんも絶賛していました。あらすじっていうか冒頭も面白そうだったので、すっごく読むのが楽しみです。

Kane & Abel by Jeffery Archer / The Pact by Jodi Picoult

最新作 This was A Man の発売を控え、Jeffery Archerの名前はしょっちゅう目にします。
Twitterでお友達に、Jeffery Archerの入門書としてはどれがいいか尋ねたところ、こちらのKane & Abel をおすすめされたので、買っちゃいました。読むのが楽しみです^^

Jodi Picoultに関しても同様で、名前は見かけるものの残念ながら読んだことはなく。何冊か彼女の本のあらすじを斜め読みしたところ、こちらのあらすじが一番グッときたのでまずはこちらを。なんかこう、胸が張り裂けそうになるような、泣けてしまうような強い本が読みたい気分だったんです。そういう意味ではこちらの The Pactはうってつけかな、と。

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

去年はこの時期、10冊以上読んだとは思いますが当然今年も例外じゃありません。すでにこういったクリスマスものを3冊(Jenny Colgan以外にですよ)買ってまして、こちらの本は昨日届いたばかり。


いつも読んでくださってありがとうございます^^ 良い読書月間を♪

October Book Haul!!

Hello, hello! 

The books that I got from Amazon and Book Depository have just arrived safe and sound. 
Look at the books that I got in the month of October!!

book-haulThese are what I got in the early October. I bought ‘It Ends With Us’ myself, but the other two were sent from my Twitter friend who has been so, so… incredibly nice to me since I got to know her 🙂

I got ‘The Fireman’ by Joe Hill and ‘Hope was There’ by Joan Bauer.

I have already read ‘The Fireman’ and am definitely going to read ‘Hope was There’ sometime next month.

Now on to the books which have just arrived today!

The one at the bottom is ‘Sweetbitter’ by Stephanie Danler.  One of my favorite BookTubers raved about this book in her videos saying that the writing is so beautiful, and as you might already know, I am a kind of person who picks a book by its cover knowing how shallow it sounds 😦   But hey, I’m not ashamed of being a ‘cover lover’! Book covers do play a huge role in choosing books to read because it’s the first thing that jumps to the eye!

The sefullsizerender-1cond from the bottom is ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Again, this book was
mentioned in my favorite BookTuber’s video and I got it when I found it 50% off at Book Depository!  Who could resist such a good deal? Bearing in mind that ‘Now or Never’ and I just snatched it. My goodness, how beautiful it looks. It’s got a sparkly cover! 😀

Next,  I got ‘Will You Remember Me?’ by Amanda Prowse.
To tell the truth, neither have I heard of Amanda Prowse nor have I read her books before.
I was just browsing Book Depository when I found this one; again, the beautiful cover caught my eye yet I must say that the synopsis also grabbed my attention.
No matter how beautiful the cover may be, I wouldn’t buy a book if the book failed to intrigue me. Never.

Lastly, the top one – ‘Hope Springs on Main Street’ by Olivia Miles.
Earlier this month, I just wanted to read something that gets me in the autumn mood and I found this book in Bookbub’s list of ‘books that set the mood for Autumn’ or something like that. I literally fell in love with the autumn foliage in the background and envisioned how beautiful and autumnish to have books like this in my bookshelf.

Now that I spelled out the reasons why I picked them up, it sounds like I’m only interested in their beautiful covers, but I am really, really looking forward to getting my hands on these books! Hope they are all measure up to the hype and my expectation!


Before I go…:  Look at how jagged the edges of the pages are… I know I ordered a ‘rough-cut’ copy of ‘Sweetbitter,’ but I wasn’t expecting this… it knocked me off a little bit. I didn’t know the notion ‘rough-cut’ besides the title means books with uneven or ragged edges!
I am not that upset, but I just think it might be a bit hard (or next to impossible) to turn pages with one hand 😄


AmazonとBook Depositoryで注文した本が無事に届きましたー!

上の写真は10月初旬に手に入れた本です。It Ends With Usは自分で買いましたが、他の2冊はTwitterのお友達に代わりに手に入れて送ってもらいました。もう本当に、申し訳ないくらい良くして頂いてますm(_ _)m

で、Joe Hillの The FiremanJoan Bauer のHope Was There なのです。残りの2冊は。
The Fireman はもう読み終えましたが、11月中にはHope Was There を絶対読むつもりでおります^^


一番下に見えるのはStephanie Danler のSweetbitter です。こちらは私のお気に入りのBookTuberさんが動画の中で大絶賛していた本で、文章がものすごく綺麗だとおっしゃってました。で、お分かりのように私はこう言ってはすごくShallowっていうかミーハー的に聞こえますが、表紙で本を選ぶタイプだったりします(´Д`;) でも、でもでもね!表紙大好きちゃんなのを恥じてはいませんよ!悪いと思ってないし!w 本を選ぶのに表紙はすごい重要だと思ってますし、第一それが最初に目に入るんですから、しゃーないということで(えw)

で、下から2番目はCarlos Ruiz Zafon のThe Shadow of the Windです。
こちらもお気に入りのBookTuberさんおすすめの本で、Book Depositoryで50%引きになっているのを発見、「今買わねばいつ買う!」じゃないですけど、速攻ゲットしました。すごい表紙が綺麗です。ちょっとキラキラしてます♡

続いてはAmanda ProwseのWill You Remember Me? です。
実を申しますと彼女の名前は聞いたことも読んだこともなかったのですが、Book Depository散策中に綺麗な表紙に目が止まり、あらすじも興味を惹かれたので買いました。

最後に、Olivia Miles の Hope Springs on Main Street です。

でもほんとうにこれらの本を読むのがすごい楽しみです♡ 評判通りいい本で、期待に応えてくれますように♪

締めくくりに: 見てください、これ。ページの端がギザギザで不均等にも程があるw