About Me

Native Japanese, reside in the Westernmost prefecture on the Honshu Island, Japan.

Love listening to Classic Rock and my favorite bands are :
TOTO, Chicago (These are my top 2 favorite bands), YES, Genesis, Sting and such. I generally like and listen to West Coast soft rock if you like.

Also love reading English books; the genres I often read are:
Chick Lit, Suspense (or thriller),Mystery (sometimes Cozy Mystery) and Family Saga but I have been trying to read outside my comfort zone to broaden my perspective.
A hopeless romantic and a sucker for a happy-ending stories and tear-jerker stories.
Despite being Japanese, I rarely read Japanese stuff 😦

Last but definitely not least, I have to say I’m a YouTube addict. Always watching YouTube videos and once again, I hardly watch any Japanese dramas. They kind of feel so cheesy and sometimes make me want to gag. (I seriously doubt my true nationality…)

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading!


Basically, don’t want to anything other than reading… Yup, that’s me.




TOTOやChicagoなどのクラシックロックを聞くのが大好き。ほかにはYes, GenesisとかStingとかも聴きます。ウェスト・コースト ソフト・ロック系が好きです。

洋書を読むのも大好きで、好きなジャンルは Chick Lit (女性向け小説)、サスペンス(スリラー)、ミステリー(時々お手軽ミステリー)と家族ものです。が、視野を広げるために普段読まないようなジャンルの本も読もうと努力はしてます。

日本のドラマとかはなーんかこう「(照れ)臭い感じがする」のかなんだか分かりませんが、見る気になれませんw (ほんとに日本人か、という感じですが…)