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Hello! This is Noriko, an avid reader and a fledgling book blogger from Japan.

This is a book blog where I ramble about the books that I read and my humble opinions. (I try my best not to include any spoilers.)
What you can find here is solely based on my (super) personal perspectives, so try not to take my word for it all the time, I highly recommend you actually pick up the book yourself.

Hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say and stick around 🙂

※Disclaimer: I generally intend to write book reviews and such in English here. Pardon my typos and messed-up grammar for being non-native.

Bookish Facts About Me

I don’t think I could come up with as many as 25 bookish facts about myself which a lot of bloggers or BookTubers do, but I’d like to share with you what kind of reader I am and what I’m particular about.

So, here we go.


  • Particular about (almost paranoid about) my book condition

Yup, I handle my books with my utmost care; my default posture when I read is to hold the spine firmly with my right hand and (lightly) spread open the book with my left hand. By doing this (firmly holding the spine), I don’t have to worry about breaking the spine.
Now, let me tell you – what I cannot stand is breaking the spine; having a straight line running in the middle of the spine.
Likewise, I never dog-ear the pages nor do I annotate directly in my books. Annotation is all well and good, I don’t hold anything against it, but I would do so on post-it notes rather than directly in my books.

  • Prefer tight-back binding to hollow-back binding

It may sound weird to many of you, but I do not like hollow-back binding books. Given a choice, I would take tight-back binding any day.
The reason? Well, I’m not for sure the cause of it, but my brand-new Illuminae (the first book in The Illuminae Files Trilogy) came apart from the bottom after just FOUR DAYS. Oh, my gosh. That was a nightmare! I don’t think I’ll have to tell you how traumatized I was considering how fastidious I am about my book condition, so… there you have it, I much prefer tight-back binding books because they give me a peace of mind for being sturdier-looking.

  • Prefer physical books to e-books(Basically)

Now, it’s actually surprising to myself to say this, but I now basically prefer physical books to e-books.
I used to read predominantly e-books because of their convenience, I hardly had any physical books on my bookshelf until last October, but for some reason, I started collecting physical books and now I can’t stop buying books – I rarely read on my Kindle UNLESS the only copy I have is in e-book format. I’m basically less inclined to read on my Kindle now.

I’ve now done a complete 180° on this one; I put my dislike towards e-books down to the black-and-white display of my Kindle Paperwhite. As I do AN AWFUL LOT of cover buy (don’t judge me), this colorless display was quite a drawback and it actually made me distance myself from even picking up my Kindle.
Now that I got the latest Kindle Fire 7 (Whoo-hoo!), I’m more and more inclined to read on my Kindle now. This by no means changes the fact I do prefer physical books to e-books, but due to the spacing issue, I figure e-books are indispensable for me as a bookworm. My biggest concern is, this could potentially and exponentially boost my book buying much more than I’d like… I’ll need to restrain myself!


  • I only read English novels

Yes, I hardly read Japanese novels despite being Japanese. I cannot really articulate what it is, but I somehow feel that the Japanese language which is my mother tongue makes everything sound really DIRECT and amplifies and intensifies what is already cheesy or cloying and makes it really insufferable for me. Even though I’m still working on my reading skills, I would pick up English books over Japanese books any day.

  • The genres I often read

I am a 100% mood reader, so the genre that I’m interested in can vary depending on my mood, but here are some of the genres that I enjoy reading:

Cozy-mysteries, thrillers in general (Crime, Psychological), post-apocalyptic, dystopian, contemporary fiction (but NO romantic comedy), historical fiction, Classics (including Modern Classics)

  • The genres that I DON’T really like

Non-Fiction, memoirs, autobiography etc. I generally gravitate toward fiction. To me, EMOTIONS are everything; I’ll easily get bored with books that just enumerate facts and events in a very objective manner.

That said though, I basically get my hands on ANYTHING that I find interesting.
Plus, I can be quite easily influenced by other readers’ recommendations or BookTubers’ videos.

I think that’s about it. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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