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She killed her unborn child. The punishment will fit the crime.

America, 2026.
Feminism has been defeated.
Equality is a memory.
And abortion has been criminalized.

Three women find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Kate, carrying the child of a sexual predator.
Grace, whose baby will be born with a fatal deformity.
And Cindee: abused, abandoned and pregnant.

Can these three very different women come together to fight an oppressive system and win their freedom?

Find out by reading Unborn, a chilling dystopia combined with a gripping legal thriller.

Unborn cover

Editions: Kindle Edition
Page Count: 271 pages
Publication Date: February 21st 2020
Publisher:  Catawampus Press

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I honestly don’t know what to say about this book. 

That is not to say this book is not my cup of tea or anything, it is that I was horrified by the world this story is set in as well as the idea this story is based on; a time and a world where women are deprived of their fundamental rights; a right to decide whether to go ahead with pregnancy or abortion. 

The theme itself is quite controversial given what is happening in the world nowadays, while I would rather not talk about politics especially regarding my personal opinions on the pro-life or pro-choice, the setting where women have absolutely no say on this matter and the portrayal of abuse inflicted upon women this book is macabre enough to make me shudder; it is far beyond imaginable. 

The story line is thought-provoking and the writing is gritty; the dark, insidious atmosphere running through the book kept me engaged til the last page, having me wondering if there’s any hope for the four main characters -Kate, Grace, Maya, and Cindee who are thrown into the horrendous trap of the reproductive legislation. 

As I firmly believe each individual’s take on this story differs significantly, I will refrain from touching on the plot. I recommend just reading the synopsis to furnish yourself with enough background and then diving into the story to see what you think. 

This book does indeed give off a dystopian vibe, but I personally found the label “thriller” came across a bit misleading. In my eyes, it reads more like a human saga where four women trapped in the legal system clear their name and reinstate their honor. While reading this book felt like groping in the pitch darkness at times with a lot of things left unsaid til the very last part of the book,  I enjoyed the vague, obscure writing style that have the readers connect dots and pieces together on their own. Following the process of the aforementioned four women building mutual trust and rapport was simply such a joy to read, and I found the ending quite satisfying albeit being a tad rushed for my liking. I would have liked it a developed a teeny bit more and I also would have liked the stronger dystopian vibe (Yes, I really like ‘dystopian-dystopian’ stories).

Overall, it is a glorious dystopian/legal thriller and I thank Rachel, the author and the publisher for generously providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. 

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