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Stay calm, keep smiling, and watch your step. In this marriage of secrets and lies, nothing is what it seems.

For days, all of Denver, Colorado, has worried over the fate of a missing child, little Tanner Holcomb. Then, a miracle: handsome, athletic Johnny Bradley finds him, frightened but unharmed, on a hiking trail miles from his wealthy family’s mountain home.

In a heartbeat, his rescuer goes from financially strapped fitness trainer to celebrated hero. The heat of the spotlight may prove too much for Johnny’s picture-perfect family, however. His wife, Veronica, despises the pressure of the sudden fame, afraid that secrets and bitter resentments of her marriage may come to light. And she’s willing to do anything to keep them hidden.

But when a shocking revelation exposes an even darker side to Tanner’s disappearance, Veronica realizes that nothing in her life can be trusted. And everything should be feared. (Goodreads)

Deceiving, conniving, deliciously dark yet addictive. Those are the adjectives that I’d employ to describe this book. This book kept me hostage right from the get go and wouldn’t let go till the end. I have read Jane Doe by the same author last year, but I would say this is by far my favorite, I liked this one far better than Jane Doe.

This book is chock full of mystery and suspense. The current hit me straight away the moment I started reading this book, it immediately drew me in the story.
In the early part of the book, it mostly focuses on Veronica’s emotional fluctuation – her consternation, apprehension and frustration from a failing marriage. With her husband, Johnny’s instant fame from finding a missing boy, Veronica should be happy and elated but on the contrary, she is constantly frustrated, fearful of exposure, borderline paranoid. I initially didn’t get why she has to be so afraid to be spotted, but it didn’t take me long to figure out why. I thought I figured out why she’s so comfortable under the cloak of anonymity, yet she still seemed hiding something. To be perfectly honest, BOTH THE MAIN CHARACTERS – Veronica and Johnny look awfully suspicious.
This story is narrated in third person, yet the main POV is of Veronica so we basically follow this story from Veronica’s perspective. We follow her emotions which shifts on a second basis.

The strong writing spectacularly portrays this complicated character intertwining Veronica’s tarnished past and somewhat strained relationship between her father. She is mostly temperamental and unstable, I associated her with the type who creates their own problems and then worries themselves sick when there’s absolutely nothing to worry about to begin with. Delusional, obsessive, and extremely volatile. It actually made me weary to follow her quickly-changing emotions.

That said though, it is actually her emotions that holds the key to the development of the story; her paranoia and instinct sniff out the well-hidden MASSIVE problem and then her overworked imagination and her emotional distress implicate herself in the problem unbeknownst to her. The plot is well-crafted and wickedly misleading, it was simply glorious to see how the secrets get unfurled and unraveled. There’s a whole lot more going on than the synopsis makes it out to be, and I devoured this multifaceted, intricate story to the fullest!
Trust me, this is a kind of book you want to dive into without knowing anything and just let the story run its course. Knowing too much about the plot will definitely ruin the book for you.

The twist in the last 20% made my heart palpitating so fast, it totally threw me for a loop. I did expect some suspenseful twist was in store for me, but it totally blew my expectation out of the water, I simply could not put it down!

In a nutshell, this book felt like a whirlwind or a tornado. It started small and slow (yet it’s addictive) but it gains momentum as the story develops and culminates in a massive explosion in the end. Then we pick up the pieces of life in ruins. We start over. The story wraps up on a positive, hopeful note. See? Like the calm after a storm. I wish the ending was a bit tighter, but nicely done nonetheless.

False Step is an gripping well-written suspenseful book of a family shrouded in mystery, lies, and suspicion. Just throw yourself into the story knowing nothing and enjoy the ride down the dark, sinister rabbit hole. If you enjoy reading twisted suspense/thrillers, read this book. Highly recommended.

Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, Lake Union Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and the thoughts are strictly my own.

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  1. I’ve just finished this one and I agree with everything you said! I wasn’t sure the book was for me but then couldn’t put it down. I was having heart palpitations by the end and made the mistake of reading it before going to bed! Scary dreams followed!

    Great review xo

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