#Reading Journals: June 8th, 2019

Hello, bookworms! How’s your reading coming long?
It’s been almost a week (I think) since my last post, but I was waiting until I have something to report to you guys!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my reading updates!

My reading has been really slow with my fascination and obsession with the Moon and planets in full swing, I always end up watching YouTube videos on the Moon and other planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn every night. 

That said, I finally finished Young Jane Young and I absolutely enjoyed this book! This book reminded me of the sex scandal between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, but there is much more to this book, more down to earth, a bit gritty yet witty. My review will be up tomorrow!

I was listening to the audiobook but I actually decided to get a physical copy and start over from the beginning because the pretty detailed explanations on DNAs and mathematical theories lost me somehow. I find the story itself is quite promising with the ominous mood seeping out here and there and I wanted to better savor it!

I’m going to spend my entire weekend reading this book and hope I can make decent progress!

That’s about it for today. Sorry I don’t have much to share with you, hopefully next time!
How about you? How’s your reading coming along? Feel free to comment below!

Thank you so much for reading as always, and I’ll see you in my next post!

27 thoughts on “#Reading Journals: June 8th, 2019

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  1. My reading has been slow this week. I haven’t finished any books. I had to return one to the library before I was even finished with it. I’m struggling to get through one of the books I am reading but I just started my reread of Stalking Jack the Ripper so that’s a plus.

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          1. I’m at 66% and I’m still struggling. I’m reading little bits at a time. The chapters are so long and I literally feel like I’m getting nowhere. I don’t know the point of it either at this point. I’m hoping that once I finish it I will know something. I’ve already told her I was doing a promo post and not a review.


                    1. I read from the back…. The last 20% is good. I wrote the review too. Whew done!!
                      Sorry Noriko… We continued too long in this conversation… It was really a slow book, but the way it has been praised to the skies, I really thought I don’t have intelligence or emotional Quotient to understand it. I am still not sure

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                    2. Well I will be starting the last 20% tomorrow so that’s good I guess. I feel like a lot of why I don’t like it is because it is heavy on science and math and those are two subjects I suck at.


                    3. Oh I didn’t read those parts as I felt they have no connection because what happened in childhood had an effect not the theorems. If emotions were written instead of so much of unnecessary science, it would have worked

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  2. The Jurassic movies are my favorite and I watched them once in a while but it’s only last year, I really read the book and I liked it so much. Hope you like it too Nori but yeah the mathematical and science stuff are a bit intimidating. hehe.

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