#Reading Journals: May 21, 2019

Hello, bookworms!
Oops, I am afraid I did it again… I haven’t blogged for nearly a week!
Well, this time, I’ve got a very good excuse; my colleagues and I were in the home stretch with our firm’s financial statements which is due this month, and we finally reached the point where we can rest assured that we can make the deadline!

That said though, the hectic past 10 days somehow worked in my favor as far as reading is concerned – as I was so tired and exhausted both mentally and physically, I didn’t feel up for doing anything but read or listen to audiobooks! I’m going to get a bit deeper into it in a minute.

All right, then, without further ado, let’s get on with my reading updates!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish a single book last week. I was reading here and there, but I spent the entire weekend watching Apollo 13 & Space Shuttle related YouTube Videos/movies, I didn’t get to read much 😦

I went back to Lever Templar and started reading it from the beginning once again. As it had been a while (maybe more than a week) since I last read it, my memory had already become a bit foggy and cloudy. I figured it wouldn’t do the book any justice if I picked it back up at right where I left off. I’m around halfway through the book right now. 

The new additions to my current reads are The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino and Rainbirds by Clarrissa Geenawan. I’m listening to the audiobook version of The Devotion of Suspect X and am currently 26% in the book. I think the narrator did a fabulous job and I’m really liking it so far. 

As for Rainbirds, my Twitter friend finished reading it sometime last weekend? and she tweeted she’d love to have me read and review it. You could say I took up the challenge and in fact, this book turns out such a page-turner.  The writing is solid, has got a nice flow and most surprisingly, it has a very distinct touch and vibe that is particular to Japanese novels. The fragility and sensitivity are literally seeping out of the writing which I really appreciate. It’s quite amazing this is NOT a translated edition of Japanese novel. I wouldn’t doubt a second if I was told this was a work penned by a Japanese author.  

That’s about it for today.
Sorry once again for this post being kind of plain Jane, but I think I can bring you much more next time!

Thank you so much for reading as always, and I’ll see you in my next post!


8 thoughts on “#Reading Journals: May 21, 2019

Add yours

    1. I know!! It’s been really insane – but I think I’ve got pretty much done and things go back to normal in a day or two! Thank you so much and I’m glad to hear your reading has been going well 🙂

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  1. Wow you’ve got a lot going on. I unfortunately think I’m am getting into a reading slump but I am going to power through and hopefully get out of it because I have so many books I need to get read and reviewed.

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  2. Hello!

    I haven’t read/finished a book in a while! I accepted a new position at my company and that required me to move.

    Also, the book I had started before all this seems to be a poorly translated novel (or maybe it’s the author lol) so I haven’t been eager to read.

    I really liked The Devotion of Suspect X. Might have to check out Rain birds!


  3. I am so glad you’re reading Rainbirds! I haven’t heard enough blurb about it and am still unsure whether to pick it up… I’m super excited for your review if you write one!

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    1. Thanks, Naty! Yup, I’m totally up for writing a review on Rainbirds. Be on the lookout for my reviews, it might take a while though! I’m really liking it, but there’s actually much more than I had initially anticipated!

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