#Reading Journals: May 5, 2019

Hello, bookworms! How’s your reading coming along?
Here in Japan, we had a long consecutive holidays called ‘Golden Week’ which started on April 27th and lasts until May 6th! A whopping 10-day holiday.
As Japanese people are infamous for overworking which actually has become a serious social issue, a lot of people (I haven’t looked up the exact figure though) seemed to have traveled either overseas or across the country taking full advantage of this super long holiday!

Me? I just chilled at home reading books and binge-watched YouTube videos, and did a bit of cleaning up. Besides, our office was open on April 29 and 30th, and then starts on the 6th. I got only 5 days off!
It was nice and very relaxing though 🙂

Now, let’s take a look at my reading updates!

It took me so long, but I finally got to finish Ella’s Ice Cream Summer on May 4th.  It was a bit deeper than I had imagined and it came as a bit of surprise because I was expecting a fluffy, feel-good light read. 
That said though, it’s not so serious as to make me feel down or anything, it’s just a bit more bittersweet than I had expected as it was billed as ‘laugh out loud romantic comedy.‘  You can read my thoughts here

No sooner had I finished Sue Watson book than I picked up The Cheesecake Fake by Nancy McGovern & Cyra Bruce and I finished it the next day. Although I had been reading Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, I wasn’t in the mood for it and decided to pick up another light read. 
Sadly, it turned out a mixed bag rating-wise, but my overall impression is still positive. My review will be up tomorrow 🙂

I don’t think I have to tell you what a big mood-reader I am (if you have known me for some time, that is), but yes, my mood and tastes in books tend to swing on literally an hourly basis. As you can see, Hirohito is now shelved AGAIN and instead, I’m reading these two books at the moment. 

Lever Templar is a dual timeline historical fiction and contemporary thriller. I was approached by the author for an honest review and I picked it up yesterday afternoon. As I am rubbish at history and there are a lot of convoluted names whose pronunciation I don’t even know, I’m still 20% in the book – I’m literally plugging away and quite frankly, it’s not easy for me. But the story is quite interesting and action-packed. As far as I’m concerned, it reads like a hybrid of The Pillars of the Earth and The Da Vinci Code, it’s thrilling, exciting, and addictive. There’s something that keeps me going despite the difficulty I’m having. I cannot wait to see how the story plays out. 

Next, The Cafe at Seashell Cove. I picked up this book before – a couple of months ago – and then DNFed. I remember feeling a bit frustrated by the heroine the last time I read it, but I felt up for some light mood and then decided to give this book another go. We’ll see if I like it this time around!

That’s about it for today.
How was your weekend? Have you read any of those books?
Comment below and let me know!

Thank you so much for reading as always, and I’ll see you in my next post!


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    1. Thanks for commenting, Sev! Yes, indeed. It is interesting jumping back and forth between two timelines – present and 1307. I freakin’ LOOOVE The Pillar of the Earth too!!!

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