Review: Blanky by Kealan Patrick Burke

In the wake of his infant daughter’s tragic death, Steve Brannigan is struggling to keep himself together. Estranged from his wife, who refuses to be inside the house where the unthinkable happened, and unable to work, he seeks solace in an endless parade of old sitcoms and a bottle of bourbon.

Until one night he hears a sound from his daughter’s old room, a room now stripped bare of anything that identified it as hers…except for her security blanket, affectionately known as Blanky.

Blanky, old and frayed, with its antiquated patchwork of badly sewn rabbits with black button eyes, who appear to be staring at the viewer…

Blanky, purchased from a strange old man at an antique stall selling “BABY CLOSE” at a discount.

The presence of Blanky in his dead daughter’s room heralds nothing short of an unspeakable nightmare that threatens to take away what little light remains in Steve’s shattered world.

Because his daughter loved Blanky so much, he buried her with it. (Goodreads)

My initial afterthoughts for this book was “wait, what?”
Quite honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around what is actually going on. There’s still a big mystery as to whether I should take what Stephen’s version of the story at face value or the revelation made in the end, to be more accurate. The dark, sinister undertone adds a lot of tension and chills to the book and I must say this is exactly what I was looking for in a horror book. I liked how short and glorious this book is. It really entertained me down to the wire.

Like I mentioned, there’s a huge mystery surrounding Stephen and the brutal, graphic deaths of his beloved daughter, Robin and his wife, Lexi. There’s nothing gory in the descriptions yet the creepiness and eeriness abound in this book which will surely send chills running down your spine. The writing is powerful and emotional, and the prose is enchantingly beautiful, even lyrical. It flows so beautifully and you might wonder if you are actually reading a horror novella. The emotions are abundant coating each word and you have your heart broken from Stephen’s cry for his lost daughter and his estranged wife and then you’ll be driven into a murky, dark spiral full of mystery and terror. This was not something I was expecting from this book. So potent, so gripping. 

I never saw the twist in the end coming and I was momentarily thrown for a loop.
The world and the plot are so twisted and downright weird. So weird yet so astonishing yet I loved how this book kept me on pins and needles the entire time… literally from beginning to finish. This is so good!!
This book took me by surprise on many levels and this won’t certainly be my last Kealan Patrick Burke.
If you are looking for an eerie and spooktacular read for a spooky month of October, this will certainly be your choice. I highly recommend this. 

My Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. Oh wow, this sounds super creepy!
    A story about a possessed blanky, or whatever it will turn out to be?! I think this book is the perfect fit to review on my blog, hahaha 😀


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