#Reading Journal: October 4th, 2018

So, as you guys may already know, I’ll be reading primarily horror books in the month of October dubbing it as “Spooktacular month.”

Most of my TBR is made up with horror books and surprisingly enough, I’m totally enjoying it!! I never realized that I would love reading horror/scary books so much!
A new perspective, isn’t it?

So, I’m currently buddy-reading/listening to The Shining by Stephen King with a bunch of my Twitter friends and I’m on Chapter 19, 36% in the book right now.

The Shining

This is virtually my very first Stephen King. I did dabble in 11/22/63 earlier this year, but I couldn’t get into it and DNFed it at around 10 to 20% in the book.
This is something you guys outta know about me… when I read a horror book, I want it to scare me to death. I think I can take graphic/gory descriptions, I think I can even go for a splatter book although I don’t think I can take zombie kinda stuff… that’s gross.

Anyways, back to The Shining, and yes, I’m enjoying it! I do admit there are parts that I would have liked to be a bit on the shorter side and be more specific and clear rather than being vague and abstract, but there are definitely spooky scenes that make the hair all stand up! I love that!
It is quite interesting to see how King’s writing can be so lyrical and gorgeous especially on the descriptions of the characters’ self-reflection. They make me feel as though I went down, down, down, way deeper down into the spirals of their thoughts. Sometimes I get lost and left adrift, yet there’s definitely something that entices me and makes me want to know where it leads me.

The second book I’m currently reading is Wringer by Jerry Spinelli. My friend tweeted about the book and I was intrigued.


I began reading it yesterday and hope to reach halfway through today! The writing is easy enough for kids to follow yet is incredibly strong and captivating!
Palmer’s emotions and inner turmoil for turning 10 years old and becoming a wringer – to put half-dead pigeons out of their misery by wringing their neck – are so eloquently depicted. I’m really digging it and thank my friend for bringing this book to my attention.

Lastly, The Lilac Bouquet by Carolyn Brown. I’m listening to this audiobook and I’m only 7% in the book right now. The heroine, Emmy Jo takes on a job as a caretaker for Seth Thomas, seemingly a nemesis of her grandmother, while he recovers from a hip replacement surgery. Virtually everyone seems to be against Emmy’s working for Seth because Seth is seen as such a recluse and very peculiar. Even Emmy’s best friend, Dianna refuses to let her crush on her couch until she turns down the job. But Emmy has already set her mind on taking that job to earn her wedding money. I don’t even know where this book takes me from here, but I’m liking it so far.

There you have it; these are my current reads!
How about you? How’s your reading going lately?
Thank you so much for visiting and reading as always, I will see you all in my next update!


16 thoughts on “#Reading Journal: October 4th, 2018

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  1. Wow, it looks like you have an amazing reading month coming up! Hope you love these horror books, and I’m glad you are enjoying The Shining! I must admit I have never really read much horror…

    Happy reading, Noriko 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you are liking The Shining more than you liked 11/22/63. I think most of the books I’m reading this month are more on the thriller side. So far this month I’ve only read Escaping from Houdini. I finished it last night and while I absolutely loved it there were some aspects of it I hated. Not in a bad way it’s just personal preference the overall story is great I just didn’t want certain things to be happening. That probably makes no sense lol. I think next I’m going to be reading Caleb’s Window by John J. Siefring and then after that I’m going to be reading Jay’s new book Academic Curveball.

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    1. Thank you Misty for commenting!
      Yeah, I’m enjoying The Shining, but I decided to go back to the beginning and stop listening to the accompanying audio. King’s writing can sometimes be quite vague so I figured it’d be better if I physically read it.

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