Bookworm Problems: Books and Traveling Don’t Go Hand in Hand!! 2

Hello, bookworms! Welcome to another Bookworm Problems post 🙂
It’s been quite a while since my last post on this theme, but I’ve just hit upon another conundrum related to traveling and that inspired me to write up this post.

As readers, you may or may not relate to this post or have similar problems, in such cases, feel free to comment below and let’s talk about them!

Like I mentioned here and there on in my blog posts, I’m going to Tokyo to meet up with bunches of my bookish friends this weekend.
As an avid reader, of course there’s no way not to read or listen to audiobooks even when I’m on the go, I’m a type of reader who tries to sneak as much reading into my day-to-day life as possible.

As I’m living in the middle of nowhere in western part of Japan, combined with me having a hopeless sense of direction, I decided to take a cab to the airport. (A two-hour cab-ride to the airport sounds pretty steep, but it’s actually surprisingly cheap — around $32 one way. That’s reasonable, right?)

But the problem is, I always, ALWAYS get carsick whenever I read either in the car, or a bus. Which means, I cannot read while I’m taking a cab to the airport — FOR 2 HOURS — what a shame!

You might say, “what do you say to listening to an audiobook instead?” trust me, I thought the same. However, there’s another downside to it; my iPhone is 3-years-old, so the battery runs out pretty quickly. The battery doesn’t pose a problem when you have an outlet available, if not, listening to audiobooks for two hours depletes the battery pretty fast. By the time I set my foot in Tokyo, I’ll bet one-third of my battery will be gone — or even more.

And then, what do you think meeting up with your friends entails? — Taking tons of photos and forwarding them through SNS — which also depletes my battery and I don’t want to have my battery issue hanging over my head!
I COULD TAKE my Kindle Fire instead, but it’s way heavier and strains my eyes compared with my Paperwhite.  I think taking my Fire is the solution in this case, but you see… MOTION SICKNESS SUCKS  😦  This is the principal cause of my dilemma, but I can’t really do anything about motion sickness. It’s how my body responds to this particular mode of transportation; it’s part of me. But that reaction just goes against my sole wish to read!!  It really, sucks. It’s frustrating. I wish I could read in the car!! (Funny thing is that, I can read on trains, airplanes, and shinkansen: bullet train. What is wrong with me?!?)  But wait, how about taking motion sickness tablets beforehand? Will that work? I might even test it out…

How about you? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you agree with me or not?
Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you so much for stopping by for this Bookworm Problems post. Although I will be offline and less likely to get to respond to your comments during my trip, I’ll be back on Monday!
Take care until I’m back, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


27 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems: Books and Traveling Don’t Go Hand in Hand!! 2

Add yours

    1. Yes, Andie, it really sucks. Because if you can read in the car and you read a physical book, you don’t need to worry about either of your battery nor getting carsick! Problem solved.

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    1. Aww, your struggles are even worse than mine… I could at least follow audiobooks even while I’m doing something else. We are really envious of those who can read in the car, aren’t we?

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  1. I can’t read in the car but I’m usually the one driver so that’s a mute point for me. I would love to be able to listen to audiobook while driving but without WiFi the book would have to be downloaded to my phone and I am so paranoid about using up my data.

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  2. I also have bad car sickness and most timed readjng is impossible. But like you I can read on most other modes of transport! Lol.
    I honestly would take on the one extra weight of my kindle fire. It would be worth it for me to be able to listen to my audiobook for such a long drive. The motion sickness tablets I usually use make me drowsy. If I take them I’m usually not to bothered about reading at that point! 😴😴😊😄

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    1. Thanks, Nina! Actually, one of my Twitter friends said the same thing! She had taken motion sickness tablets only once in her entire life and that put her in a state of coma-like drowsiness lol So, she advised me not to take them lol

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  3. I am the worst for getting car sick!! I defiantly can’t read while in the car. I attempted to read on a plane but I was miserable. On the ride back i did listen to an audiobook but it was more of an distraction than actually paying attention! So I defiantly get what you’re saying!

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      1. Yes! But luckily I don’t travel by plane often. Actually this year was my first time. My future trips on a plane I am planning on getting some of those motion sickness patches that goes behind your ears!


  4. Everything else affects this tired body of mine Noriko, but I can read in the car with no problems whatsoever. I hope that doesn’t change. But usually when my husband is driving we are talking so I don’t get to read anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    My phone is close to 3 years old now and says my battery is operating at 87% capacity. You probably already know this, but switching to low-battery mode and reducing your screen light helps tremendously with battery power. Also, putting your phone on airplane mode whenever possible also retains battery life.
    I hope you enjoy your trip!! 😊

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      1. You’re welcome, Noriko. I can go right to low-battery mode by swiping up on my iPhone. When you see the picture of the battery, press it. It will turn a lighter color to show it’s activated. Sometimes I just leave it on that setting. It really helps with battery life.
        Don’t be jealous. I’m sure there are many things that you can do that I can’t. 😉💜

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  5. Oh that sucks! I haven’t even tried reading in a car so I don’t know if that works.. the few times there was an opportunity I feel too bad for the driver. I do know that I prefer to sit in the front instead of the back so that I can see more and don’t feel the many turns so much, they seem worse in the back. Also, 32$ for two hours? I think you almost have that for 15 minutes here. Enjoy your trip!

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  6. Wow, this is one of the biggest problems of my life. I have major motion sickness, which means that I can’t read in any vehicle except a plane for more than 5 minutes. Watching other people read in cars and buses is just very, very sad. I really sympathize with you 😥

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