24 Hour Readathon [April 2018]

Hello, bookworms!
Once again, Lili@Lili’s Blissful Pages and I are holding the April round of 24 Hour Readathon!
Here’s the announcement post from Lili – hope many of you can join us ❤

Lili's Blissful Pages

Hi guys,

book_ends_311495 (2)

Another month is coming to a close and it only means one thing for my friend, Noriko and myself – it’s time for another 24-Hour Readathon. We’ve been doing this since February, every last weekend of the month. Obviously, we’re enjoying it. First because we get to read non-stop in 24 Hours. Second, we get to make new friends. We’re joined by other bloggers who happen to have free time on the day of our Readathon. Speaking of time, this month’s Readathon’s Schedule:

downloadWill you join us? No rules. Just read and enjoy. You can start when the clock hits 8 p.m. in your country. That means we don’t necessarily start at the same time but our hours sure still coincide at some point. Besides, whether you’re late starter or ahead of us, we’ll still be with you. 🙂

I know I said, no rules, just read…

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