Bookworm Problems: Books and Traveling Don’t Go Hand in Hand!!

Hello, bookworms! Welcome to another Bookworm Problems post πŸ™‚
It’s been a while since my last post on this theme, but what happened to me today gave me a great inspiration for this post.

I’m going on a holiday to Okinawa, the Southernmost island of Japan from tomorrow afternoon and I’ve actually got a lot of packing to do.
As a bookworm, I cannot go even a day without reading and I will totally spend my time on the plane doing so.

The problem is,  I know what I really want to read during the trip but don’t want to damage my books by hauling them around with me. 

As you can read in my About page, I am very VERY particular about my book condition; I’m almost paranoid about it. My biggest bookish pet peeve is damaging my books in any possible way. Breaking the spine is definitely a no-no, but I get so bummed out when spotting a crease or fraying in the cover, Which makes deciding to take paperbacks for a long trip almost impossible. 

That said though, what if you are so invested in the book you are currently reading and the book is so bulky, like a brick???

(Books as massive and bulky as this one; certainly hard to haul around!)

Hardcovers actually make it less problematic; you don’t have to worry about damaging them once you take the dust jacket off.  Even if your hardbacks get some scratch or slightly damaged, putting the dust jacket back on makes the problem disappear. You don’t really spot the damage visually, at least.

The worst is the only edition you have is a paperback whose cover could get a big crease or fray at the corners. For me, it’s a nightmare.

I’m reading The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson right now and my mind is literally fixated on the book. Normally, in such a situation where you need to hop on/off trains and buses (that means your book is most likely to get damaged in some way), it would be wise to leave your book at home and pick up something else for traveling.

But my mind is screaming that I cannot wait until I get home to pick it up again. Three days without reading it feels like infinity.

I want to take that book with me but I don’t want to damage it by taking it with me.
I only have a paperback, I don’t have a kindle edition.

Trust me, I tried persuading myself into picking up something else, I asked myself what would be the alternative over and over.

But no. Nothing seems right. Nothing seems to sate my hunger and longing for that book.

Then what should I do??

Conclusion: Buy a kindle edition and take my tablet with me.

It took me the whole afternoon to reach this conclusion and thank goodness, I can get the kindle edition with a reduced price because I already have the audiobook.
Although there’s still a battery issue with my tablet, like how soon/where I can charge it, I think it’s far better than damaging my precious book.

I want my books to last as long as possible. I cannot stand them getting damaged especially when I am so strongly invested in them. 

How about you? What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you so much for stopping by for this Bookworm Problems post. Although I will be offline and less likely to get to respond to your comments during my trip, I’ll be back on Monday!
Take care until I’m back, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

29 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems: Books and Traveling Don’t Go Hand in Hand!!

  1. i acutally don’t have that problem, because i don’t care about the condition of my books that much. the more they look like read, the better. i took a trip recently and all went well. no damage at all. i can understand that you went with the ebook version yourself, but as inge mentioned, a book sleeve could help (i had one with me) and there would always be the possibility of purchasing the book again if it got damaged. so i think your solution was good, but i guess there are always ways to replace a book. you know what i mean?

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  2. I have never been one to care about the condition of a book. Personally I think a beat up book means it is loved and read and used πŸ™‚ But I don’t fault you for wanting to keep your books pristine. I am that way about other things! Like noone is allowed to use my coloring materials! I have a second set that other people can use but they can’t touch mine haha.

    Anyway. Some people mentioned a book sleeve which I think is just a pouch to put it in? But you still run the risk of damaging it when it is not in the sleeve. What about making a book cover? In high school we used to have to cover our textbooks and usually we would just use paper bags. Here is a tutorial:

    So its like the opposite of removing a dust jacket from a hard cover. You are making a dust jacket that you can remove to see the undamaged book under it! And if you were still worried about the cover bending you could put a piece of cardboard inside the cover to provide more stability πŸ™‚ You can also buy book covers. I have one made out of blue jean material but its meant to fit normal paperback size books so it wouldn’t work in your case.

    Other than that I would just stick with the kindle edition, it is the safest!


  3. Karen says:

    Two of my favorite things!

    On long business trips when I have to pack checked luggage, I will take a lot of books – even hardback (I took six to Germany and bought a book lol).

    Although I don’t like my covers damaged either, I’m not worried and will take my books.

    Have a great time! I hope you share a bit about your trip.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think I’ll pack several hardbacks in my checked luggage, too!
      Thanks for the blog-post idea! I might make a post on my Okinawa trip when things get settled!


  4. I personally prefer reading an actual book over virtual every time, but if the need arises I’m okay with reading it on my phone. Nothing beats the scent of a book or the satisfying turning of pages as the tension rises in each scene… But if you gotta read a book you gotta read a book. I’ve found myself saying one more chapter, one more before sleep and still been up until the morning, finding myself turning the final page. I prefer bookmarks to earmarking because I too find my books to be precious and hate damaging them, shame on those who do xD (though not in a mean way each to their own.) It’s probably a smart thing to take a kindle if you’re travelling… Perhaps I should buy one. Is it worth it?

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  5. Noriko you are too funny! And I CAN SO RELATE! I can’t stand to crease my books in any way… I actually enjoy reading digitally more now because its just too much anxiety about my books! And faster (I read slower in paper books for some reason?!) Have a great trip and I’m glad you figured out a work around. ❀

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  6. I’m obsessed with the condition of my books. I have a Vera Bradley padded fabric-type IPAD mini case that fits a good sized book in it. I use it to transport my books so they don’t get dog-eared or otherwise damaged.

    Enjoy!! ( :


  7. I have a lot of books that I pick up at used book sales and those are the ones I take when I go away. I then leave them behind at the hotel or resort for others to read. I also bring my tablet of course. I have changed over the years and as I got older stopped saving so many books.

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