Booktalk: Favorite Authors

Hello, bookworms! It’s been a while since my last Booktalk post, y’all know how crappy I am at coming up with topics for my posts lol

Anyways, a tag that’s been going around on Twitter gave me a great inspiration for another Booktalk post – ‘Favorite Authors’ and I’m going to take a shot at it today.

In a matter of two days, I’ve been tagged to name my Top 3 favorite authors and it made me ponder and wonder who my ‘favorite authors’ are and I began to wonder if I have any, to be honest.

I read 104 books last year as I mentioned in my previous post and there were a lot of ‘new-to-me’ authors whose books gave me lots of emotions and made me swoon over their plot/writing.
Nonetheless, when it comes down to actually deciding who my ‘favorite’ authors are (were), I just cannot decide. My mind stops right there. There are lots of books I loved, but when asked who the authors are that I can swear by, I cannot provide any concrete answers.


What is crystal clear to me is that I need at least a couple of books to decide whether the author could be ‘my favorite’ or not. You see, books can be a hit or miss – some can be incredibly good and awesome and others can be a total flop or a complete letdown. Even if a book blew my mind, swept me off my feet and made me head over heels in love with, deciding the author is going to be my ‘favorite’ feels a bit hasty. It feels like I need a couple of books to dip my toe into and get a taste of what an author’s work is like before I can be certain that I like the author’s work.

That said though, even with the aforementioned point being cleared and established, another part of me is still unsure; there is still something that stops me from declaring my abiding love for an author.
I might be taking ‘favorite’ a bit too seriously here, but I even wonder if I ever have my ‘favorite’ authors.

It’s kind of akin to having your ‘favorite’ bands change over time.
You listen to a piece of music and think ‘oh, I like their music,’ and you start following them by listening to all the records in chronological (or in random) order, solidifying your conviction that the band is going to be your favorite.
Then the band takes a different approach or different direction which you are not 100% happy about, and you start to wonder if you’ll remain liking their music further on. I had bands like this so many times and I no longer have any ‘favorite’ band, in fact.
I somewhat started separating the band itself from their body of work; there are records that I absolutely love and will remain my ‘favorite,’ but because of the uncertainty for their direction in music, I started seeing a band and their work as different things. Just because I loved their records, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are musicians/band I can swear by. There’s always the niggling uncertainty about their direction and that might make me hesitant to say ‘they are my favorite.’

The same could apply to my take on ‘favorite authors.’ Given the second point that I made regarding my being unsure of their direction (or genre) that could potentially not be my liking, I think I’ll keep saying that I don’t have any ‘favorite’ authors.
My taste would change and so would authors and their books, and that makes me feel I can never be certain who my ‘favorite’ is and will be.
I do have my ‘go-to’ authors and ‘auto-buy’ authors, such as Debbie Macomber and Adam Silvera, yet that feels slightly different from ‘favorite,’ and I feel it will remain that way. I feel much more comfortable in picking my favorite books than picking my favorite authors. (I’m a weirdo, I know lol)


What about you?
Will a single book suffice to decide your favorite author(s)? or, are you like me and need to read several books to reach the recognition?
Comment below and let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by for another ‘Booktalk’ post.
I will see you in my next post!

53 thoughts on “Booktalk: Favorite Authors

  1. i definitely have so favorite authors. john green will always be one, even if his writing will change. i still have all the other books that i love so much and that’s why he’s always going to be a favorite of mine. the same goes for harlan coben. i have read probably 10 mystery thrillers by him and i loved them. i had such a good time, he’s great with twists and turns. and with every book i pick up, he shows me, why he’s one of my favorite.
    last year i read almost every book by v.e. schwab and i loved them all. i fell in love with the writing and every book was special. so i know these books will be my favorites forever and that i will pick up anything she writes. of course i don’t know, if that changes in the future, but that’s not important i think. because as you say: new things come around. something favorite at the moment might not be a favorite in the future and that’s completely fine. i also don’t think, that a favorite thing or person has to stay a favorite forever. it’s just about at the moment. i mean, if right now i could choose a new book by john green or v.e. schwab for example over a book that is on my tbr by an author i don’t know or haven’t read that much of, i would definitely pick the john green or v.e. schwab book immediately without thinking. and that shows me, that they are my favorites. i am rambling so much right now haha 😀 but do you know what i mean? 😀

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    • Of course I do know what you mean, you are clear in your delivery. I also know and understand our favorite won’t stay as they are forever – we do change and so do things. Ultimately, NOTHING STAYS THE SAME and I know it’s totally fine. I think that’s another reason I don’t have ‘favorite’ irrespective of what form it might be. Oh, wait. my favorite food is definitely potato!! that’ won’t change no matter what that’s for sure! lol
      Come to think of it, although I wrote i have some ‘auto-buy’ authors, I am not 100% sure if I do… to me, the plot/synopsis is very important and it’s a decisive factor whether I pick up a book or not. Even if the book is penned by an author whose work I’ve enjoyed – I don’t think I will pick up his/her new book 100% automatically. I will definitely be more inclined to jump to their new books, but I think I will check reviews and then decide whether to pick it up or not. In that sense, I am very cautious and that might be why I cannot say I have ‘favorite’ authors!

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  2. For as long as I can remember I have loved Nicholas Sparks. I don’t even remember the how/when my love for him started but I know he has been my favorite for so long and that will never change. I will always buy his books and read them and I’m sure love them. I’ve read a majority of his books and so far I’ve never been let down by him. As for other authors I’ve never even thought of other authors being my favorite because no one can take his spot lol. I did the tag on twitter so when I was picking the last two I went with 2 of my favorites from last year. Author one of those has definitely become a quick favorite of mine!!

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    • Thanks Misty! It’s actually cool to have favorite authors, but for some reason, I just don’t lol Which I think is totally fine, it’s just a matter of perspective. But seriously, how wonderful it is to be able to declare your abiding love for an author!! Nicholas Sparks must have a special spot in your heart eternally…that’s so neat and sweet ❤

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  3. Nel says:

    You already know my thoughts cause we talked about this but in regards to what you say about bands, it can have the opposite effect as well. As well as with authors. For example, I was not a Beyonce fan very much with her early stuff but then her 4 album and subsequent albums came out and now I’m like, okay I’m a fan. Or with Sarah J. Maas, I didn’t like her Throne of Glass books at all and was not interested in reading anything else by her. Then I got begged to read Court of Thorns of Roses and I changed my mind. I still think Throne of Glass sucks but I can get with her later stuff for now, lol.

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    • Thanks, Nel! Yeah, the convo with you actually sparked my interest and decided to write this post!
      It’s interesting to know how our impressions on things work for us… sometimes it strengthen our love toward authors/music, and sometimes it doesn’t. Intriguing! Thanks for the inspiration, Nel. You are also my muse ❤

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  4. cherylbalcom says:

    Interesting post. I agree, it is so hard to choose favorites, and it DEFINITELY takes more than one book by the author. There are authors who wrote maybe one book that I LOVED, that maybe spoke to me during a certain season of life, but that doesn’t necessarily make them my favorite author. I also can love an author’s ability to put words together that flow silky smooth… and yet not love their overall story/message. Good discussion!

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    • Thank you for the comment! I totally agree with you and you’ve just made an excellent point that I missed mentioning in my post – sometimes our maturity has things to do with our love for certain books. Like, you appreciate a book which you didn’t love in your youth. Interesting!


  5. You always make us think, which is talent you should embrace. Excellent post.

    I am fickle on choosing favorite things, too. I have a few posts where I talk about my favorites, but ultimately, I rarely choose sides and don’t often tell people my favorite things — not because I am uncertain, but because it changes from time to time, and once you put it out there without context, people assume it’s always true. I couldn’t agree more with your words, or with some of the responses.

    Ultimately, I have some favorites, whether it’s authors or books. I’ve resigned myself for favorite authors to being: If I will automatically read their book when it comes out, without checking the description or reviews, it’s a favorite. There aren’t many of those.

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    • Thanks, Jay! Your comment did make me think and I cannot help but give a nod on the point you’ve made; to me, the word’ favorite’ somehow means a lot and feels it should stay permanent, something ‘fixed’ no matter how much time passes.
      I like the way you decide your ‘favorite’ – picking up something without checking the synopsis or reviews… I think that aligns with what Alex told me. Thanks for the enlightening input!

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  6. I could never choose a favorite author. I have authors I love in various genres, and authors I loved at various times in my life. I have authors I would buy and read everything they wrote at one time, that I no longer read. I have changed my mind so many times. I have read something and loved it so much, but didn’t like the next book at all. All this rambling means that I agree with your post.

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    • Hahaha, thank you so much! And I am glad you agreed with me 🙂 I’m actually having a mixed-feeling about not being able to pick my favorite authors, but then again, as you said, it’s hard to settle with one or two, or couple of authors.

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    • Thanks, Steph! But I am kind of surprised that you don’t settle on ONE author! As you said, our list of potential favorite authors keeps growing and changing. Interesting input. Thank you again ❤


  7. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Well one book will open my appetite and have me look for other books by the same author. I will need more than one book to make it a “favorite” but I do have favorite authors. Just choosing three would be impossible though. But I do have “one-)click” authors and that’s who I call “favorite”.

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  8. I most certainly need to read a few before I determine a favorite!! And, two books by the same author could have totally different approaches/styles! Tough to say a favorite author in my opinion! I know I’ve read solid books by some authors and so I assume that I will enjoy whatever by them…..only time will tell though when I actually pick up the book! I enjoy Jodi Picoult and Philippa Gregory. Those are the two specific ones I know I like!

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  9. Lionelson N.Y. says:

    Besides from the big names, I couldn’t think of any favourite authors too because the playing field is too saturated nowadays with brilliant authors. But I do enjoy many works and I appreciate their art.


  10. This one is tough to answer. I’ve started out having a favorite author only to become disappointed in their books later on. Then again some authors wowed me with a first book, underwhelmed me with a second and third, and then wowed me again with a fourth. Then some have been consistently good. I consider those to be my favorites. Others that are usually good become my go-to authors too, so I guess they can be considered favorites as well.

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    • Thanks, Laurie! Your input is really interesting and insightful! Every author has their ups and downs, but probably that’s the enjoyment of reading in the end… thank you 😉


  11. Ah yes, I can really relate to this- I think it’s easier to pick favourite books than it is to pick authors. I think it takes time, really knowing the authors work and even then a book can come out later down the line that disappoints. I think I probably have fewer favourite authors than books. Excellent, thought provoking post!

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  12. I’ll usually only remember an authors name if I enjoy a book written by them. If a series keeps me hooked I count them among my favourite authors but no, I can’t say that I have A Favourite. 🙂


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