This Is My Truth Now Award – The Results Are in!

Hello, everyone!

My amazing, wonderful friend Jay@This Is My Truth Now organized This Is My Truth Now Award and the winners have just been announced by his adorable Shiba, Ryder ❤  Check his post, “Rantless” here.
To my utter surprise, I came in 2nd place!! 

Honestly and seriously, I still cannot believe it’s happening to me – I can hardly imagine what you guys saw in me in the first place!! lol

I was chosen as a nominee for the number of comments that I made on Jay’s posts and I thought that was as far as I could ever get. In terms of presence in this blogging community, I thought (and I still do) I am NOBODY. There’s not much quality in me or in my blog to speak of. That’s how I see myself anyway, so the result came as a complete surprise. I never imagined that I would even place lol

Surprise, surprise… 2nd place???! How could it have been even possible???

It took me a while to calm down and then the realization hit me – this is all THANKS TO YOU, my dear readers and friends!!! Without your votes, I could never ever have won this honor!! I cannot thank you enough!! ❤

At the same time, I would very much like to express my great and sincere appreciation for my amazing, awesome friend, James.

He created and organized this award to reciprocate his followers and friends for what he had been given throughout this year and I think he chose a perfect time, the holiday season, to do this award. It got us all excited and amped up the festive mood with the end of the year just around the corner.
For me, this award served me in two ways; not only did it make my day, it also gave me a great opportunity to reflect how blessed I am and how much support I have from you all!

Frankly speaking, I don’t care all the perk that comes with this award (no offense, James 😛 ), I am simply so blessed when I think how many of you voted for me. And I would never have reached this recognition had there not been for the wonderful James and his integrity and honesty.
Thank you so much, James, for such a wonderful Christmas present!! I owe you a million of thank yous ❤  You are truly amazing, wonderful and AWESOME. I am so glad to have met you 🙂

Although I haven’t been able to blog as much as I used to right now, your support and care will never be lost on me 🙂
I always appreciate your comments, likes… everything!

Thank you so much for sticking around and let me thank you once again for your votes! I am simply lost for words!
I will say this to you once again in less than a week, but I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season! 
I will definitely see you around 🙂

37 thoughts on “This Is My Truth Now Award – The Results Are in!

  1. Noriko, you are more than SOMEBODY! Your blog is amazing and I’ll say it again, I LOVE your reviews and book discussions. You’re in my top 5 and inspire me so much! I think the thoughts that you experience are more common than we think because I feel the same way about myself, but it’s so not true. You are important, special, amazing, and such a quality friend. 💖 You are one of the main reasons I keep blogging in the first place. I don’t know what I’d do without all of you. I’m lucky and I’m really excited for another amazing year in 2018! 😉🤗

    This is a truly amazing award and Jay was so generous to offer it. I’m still so shocked. Really. It’s gonna take a few days to calm down, lol. ❤ Thanks for being you, Noriko! Much love. 💖🎄🎅 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    • Aww, thank you so much, Mischenko💖 Your words almost made me cry! 😂 It is truly humbling to have someone say things like that… Being an inspiration to others! Thank YOU😊💖✨
      I’m really excited for what future holds for me in the year 2018!! Let’s hope another amazing year for all of us!

      Jay is such an awesome friend, he is TOO generous… I’m so glad to have met him and you, Mischenko💖😊 Happy holidays!!! 🍾🎄

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  2. Noriko,

    You are most deserving and welcome. I appreciate your friendship every day. I’m so glad to know you and be part of your blogging world. I’m excited to work through the tasks to pick your charity, mail a gift card and book and figure out how to pull it together.

    Thank you for your kind words — and all you’ve done for this community! 🙂


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    • Thank YOU, Jay! Hahaha! Don’t you dare sell yourself short! What you have done for this community is much more than what I’ve done! There’s no arguing about that! 😛

      Thank you again for such sweet words 🙂 I am also excited to pull it together AND get a signed (oh, my) copy of your book! 😉

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  3. Noriko you definitely aren’t nobody. I love your blog and everything that you post!! I always look forward to seeing your posts pop up in my feed. You’re an amazing friend and I look forward to what’s to come next for you. You definitely deserve this award and I am so excited for you!! Congratulations Noriko!!💕

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  4. Noriko I need to be honest with you! NEVER, i repeat, NEVER again say, that you are nobody!!!! ok? you are a wonderful and amazing person! a creative and beautiful blogger! you are a great friend and we all are happy to have you in our lives!!! ❤️ never sell yourself short! you’re amazing and we love you and you deserve this so much! i am so happy for you and so glad that it made your day! big hugs from me to you! 😘😘😘

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  5. Congrats, Noriko!! You definitely have one of my favorite blogs that I’ve followed this year, I love reading your posts and getting to know you! You’re always so insightful and I love how much you always have to say!! ❤

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    • Awww, thank you so much, Steph! You are always so sweet!!! Your blogs and reviews are my inspiration; you are always eloquent with your thoughts and reading your posts make me strive to become a better book blogger!
      Thank you so much for always been there, Steph ❤ I'm so glad to have met you!

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  6. Beautiful sentiments Noriko! You most certainly deserve the shout out. Your posts are delightful to read and your comments very thoughtful. I hope to see you around the blogosphere for a long time. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your much deserved accolades. 💝😊🎄

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  7. Well deserved my beautiful friend…inside and out!! You are so special! And your blog is utterly amazing! I love everything about your blog and you inspire me! Meeting you has been one of the greatest blessings of 2017, especially with everything that I’ve been through the past month or so. You are special…do not doubt your worth and how much you mean to me and so many other people! Sending you lots of love!! ❤💕❤🤗🤗

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    • Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much, Stephanie!! You are way too kind for giving me such sweet words ❤ Meeting you has been a great blessings of 2017 for me, too! Your reviews are utterly fantastic, I wish I could write like you!
      You are so special to me, too! I'll be sendiing to you lots of love and hugs!! Happy holidays, Stephanie ❤

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      • You are so welcome, my friend! You really do deserve this! I am again so glad we met! And thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you love my reviews, and I’m humbled by your praise! But YOU write wonderful reviews! Don’t doubt yourself! Love and hugs! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Noriko ❤


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