Goodreads Monday: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another Goodreads Monday!

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Lauren@Lauren’s Page Turners. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off! Don’t forget to check out Lauren’s blog and link back to her so that others can see what you picked!

My pick for this week is:

Jane Eyre by  Charlotte Brontë

As an orphan, Jane’s childhood is full of trouble, but her stubborn independence and sense of self help her to steer through the miseries inflicted by cruel relatives and a brutal school. A position as governess at the Thornfield Hall promises a kind of freedom. But Thornfield is a house full of secrets, its master a passionate, tormented man, and before long Jane faces her greatest struggle in a choice between love and self-respect. (Goodreads)

I got this book in my Out of Control Book Haul, but haven’t gotten around to reading yet.
A big confession to make – I have never read Jane Eyre, not even in the Japanese format. I literally know nothing about this book.

When I was little, I would often confine myself to my father’s study and there were tons of books on his bookshelves.
I don’t know if he actually read them all, but he had tons of Classic books such as War and Peace, Wuthering Heights etc, etc.
I probably should have picked them up while I was chilling out in his study, but instead, I would either bury my nose in baseball-themed comic books that were also part of my father’s collection (he was crazy about baseball) or Nostradamus Predictions. (I know you’re wondering what kind of kid I was…but I was obsessed with it.)
Without getting much exposure to Classic books, I have become an adult. I think the Classic fad that I went through in April gave me an opportunity to appreciate Classics books this time around. (Yes, I bought as many as 30 books altogether… I really need to read them!)

Jane Eyre is pretty thick with close to 700 pages, but I hope I can enjoy this book as much as I did with Wuthering Heights.
I’ll probably read this one this Fall season, but if I might read this even earlier if I’m on top of my game 🙂

Have you read Jane Eyre? If so, what are your thoughts?
Is her writing style different from Emily’s?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading as always, and I’ll see you in my next post!


AWARD: The Unique Blogger Award #2

Many thanks to my dear fellow blogger, Delphine@Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads for nominating me!
She and I met about a month (maybe even more…?) ago and it’s always been so much fun to read her unique ‘babbles!’ 
Yes, she has a very distinct ‘voice’ and I love her voice so much!! Her blog is always full of fun, delight, and great book reviews! If you haven’t already, you should definitely check her out!!

Rules (with Delphine’s personal twist )

  • Respond to the questions without adopting a contradictory identity (in bimbo: don’t detour from who you are!)
  • Tag fellow babblers who you find “unique”
  • Don’t post until you link back to your tagger
  • Ask your peeps three questions

All right, now that we’ve got all the rules down pat, let’s move on to the questions!

Questions from Delphine:

1. Who are you, besides an avid bibliophile?
Who am I? Geez, there’s nothing much to speak of… Okay, I’m going for a bit unconventional; ask me whatever question you wanna ask in the comment section, and I’ll make another post answering those questions! Will that do? No?
Anyways, I’m from Japan and working for a mid-sized construction company. Basically, I do almost anything other than physical work; sort of like a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
Besides an avid bibliophile, what am I??? I have no idea. Send whatever questions my way, that’s it!! lol (by the way, I’m serious.)

2. Briefly describe your recipe for the ideal life (question open for interpretation).
Tough question! The thing is, I don’t have any specific vision or idea for the ‘ideal’ life.
It would be absolutely fantastic if I could live the rest of my life doing absolutely nothing but reading and blogging, but obviously, it is just a pipe dream. We need to support ourselves.
But, for the sake of the question, I’d say, ‘trust’ and ‘harmonious relationship with others.’
Personal relationships with others – like it or not – weighs so much in our lives; we can never live just by ourselves, we certainly benefit from others’ help and sacrifices more or less.
In that respect, I want to be appreciative of what others have done for me and what they are inclined to do for my sake. Every little bit of appreciation will definitely help to forge a strong relationship and that will certainly enrich and bring joy in our lives. If I am happy in my everyday life, that will certainly be ideal for me.

3. Who is your favorite author of 2017 and why?
Although I’m only halfway through the year 2017, I would say Ken Follett, hands down.
The Pillars of the Earth turned me into Ken Follett fangirl and I cannot get enough of his writing!
I just simply admire his creativity (writing as long as 1000 pages should require plenty of creative genes) and prowess in writing!


My nominees:

Tiana@The Book Raven
Darque Dreamer Reads
Trisy@Bobo’s Book Bank

Since I’ve been tagging so many of my fellow bloggers, I decided to tag some new bloggers that I got to know lately 🙂
No pressure, as always! You can feel free to skip it. But please do remember that I appreciate your ‘unique’ voices!

My Questions to the nominees:

  1.  What do you think it is that makes you ‘unique’?
  2.  Briefly describe your recipe for the ideal life (question open for interpretation).
  3.  Describe your personality traits in less than 10 words.

I’m so sorry for taking so long, Delphine! But I’ve finally made it! (*smirk*) Thank you so much for the nomination once again! I really appreciate our friendship 🙂

And thank you so much, everyone, for your support and love! I really appreciate every single like and comment you have given me! ❤
Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you all again soon!