Casual Blog: #Quote of the Day


This is what my friend on Facebook wrote on my timeline this morning saying this is what I’d be most likely to say:

Beauty and the Beast - Quote

(You can read the original post at BookBub here)







Am I THAT transparent??? 😦



It’s cloudy here in Japan today. What’s the weather like where you are from?

Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂



pink flower



6 thoughts on “Casual Blog: #Quote of the Day

  1. I saw this article! I love Bookbub. It’s so addicting! It’s sunny here today! It rained a little this morning but then the sun came out. It’s uncharacteristically cold though. 50 degrees F! It’s usually like 80 around this time.

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    1. I love BookBub, too! My friend is addicted too lol She often lets me know what books are on sale or something like that.
      But… what?! 50 degrees Fahrenheit?? at this time of year?? It’s around 77 degrees Fahrenheit here in japan now

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        1. Me neither lol It’s supposed to be in the midst of the rainy season here, but it hasn’t been raining as much. The humidity is killing me though.

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