Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

Killer Cupcakes

Killer Cupcakes: A Lexy Baker Bakery Cozy Mystery (Lexy Baker Cozy Mysteries)


This is a quick read. It’s got only 146 pages and you can fly through this book really quickly – maybe, a bit TOO quickly.

Lexy Baker, a young gorgeous pastry chef who runs her own bakery, meets a hunky detective Jack Perillo in a very ungraceful way in his backyard adjacent to her house – dressed in cozy pajamas with a huge rip in the side, with no make-up on hanging out with her dog, Sprinkles. They both feel a spark of attraction toward each other, but the very next day, a totally unexpected incident brings Jack to her bakery – Lexy’s ex-boyfriend, Kevin was found dead face-down in a box of her cupcake tops – a signature piece of her bakery. To make the matter worse, there were some distinct imprint of stiletto heels left outside Kevin’s front door. Pieces of evidence that are NOT in her favor.

Forced to close down her bakery for the investigation, Lexy decides to take the matter into her own hands and find the killer on her own – with the help of her grandmother and the ladies from ‘The Ladies Detective Club’…


This was a reread for me; I got this book as a Kindle freebie maybe four years ago.
I remember enjoying this to some extent; I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads the last time.
However, with this reread, I don’t think I could be as lenient and liberal as the last time. I think I would go for 2 – maybe 2.5 out of 5 stars at best.

First and foremost, this is WAY TOO SHORT; I didn’t find 146 pages gave this book enough space for the story to fully develop and bloom.
I think the writing is very brisk and clean; it’s got a nice rhythm and the pacing is decent in the beginning, but the latter part – from around 80% the pacing felt a bit too hasty and off as though the author rushed to wrap up the story within a limited time frame/page count. This is where I felt the writing become a bit sloppy and dull; Everything felt a bit lackluster and I found myself losing interest pretty rapidly.

I also found the writing, the whole story a bit too cheesy and expedient for me this time. Although this cheesiness didn’t bother me so much the last time, it rubbed me the wrong way with this reread.
The sloppiness and unprofessionalism of Jack Perillo didn’t work in my favor, either. Every time I came across the scenes where Jack Perillo lets Lexy off the hook BECAUSE of his attraction toward her, I was like, “Now, this is what I call ‘unprofessional.’”  I felt a bit frustrated and I couldn’t bring myself to appreciate it.

On top of all that, the insta-love – THE INSTA-LOVE between Lexy and Jack!!
It literally gave me a cringe – it was WAY TOO FAST to develop. I just couldn’t get it. It almost made me laugh my head off.

As I haven’t read as many cozy mysteries as you probably have, I honestly don’t have any frame of reference; I don’t know how lenient I should be nor to what degree sloppiness in cozy mysteries can be tolerated or condoned. I might be a bit too harsh on this, but that’s how I felt about this book. It just bothered me this time.

Nevertheless, I must admit that I enjoyed reading this to some extent. In particular, I found Nans and the ladies from The Ladies Detective Club pretty endearing. They are all so funny and cute.
Just imagine – four old ladies fishing in their giant old-lady purses, each whipping out her own iPad. They even boast that they’re pretty good at finding clues online and solving murder cases. This portion of the story cracked me up. I couldn’t relate to Lexy AT ALL, but I liked these old ladies a lot.


All in all,  this might be not a decent cozy-mystery in the true sense of the word, you may have some issues with this book as I did. But it might be entertaining if you saw this book as pure entertainment, like comedy or something with a bit of mystery twists.
This is definitely not my favorite cozy-mystery, but I don’t dislike this either.
It’s a bit Meh, but an OK read for me – thus 2 stars.


4 thoughts on “Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

    1. OMG, Mischenko… thank you so much!!! I have no words to describe my feelings now… this is just awesome!! Coming up with new 11 questions for a new blogger seem to be the hardest part, but I’ll definitely work on this post. Thank you so, so much for thinking of me! Appreciate it!


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