April & May Book Haul!

Despite my steadfast pledge that I made after my Out-of-Control Book Haul, I did it again;
I ended up buying a lot more books than I initially anticipated.

Although it wasn’t that I bought all of them in one go, I bought them in the span of two months from April to May, but I’ll lump them up and show you what I got 🙂

In no particular order, I got:

Being prone to mood swings, my taste in books and inclination tend to swing depending on my mood; one day I’m madly in love and all about YA and the next day I do a completely 180 and turn my back against it. I know it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but that’s the way I am as a reader 😦

In other words, I’m inclined to read whatever genres or books once I get interested and tend to buy a lot of books without knowing much about the synopsis.
It can be the main plot/core of the story, or, it can be the cover that draws my attention.
Whatever the reason is, I more often than not bend my rules and end up buying books. And I just can’t stop it.

As you can see, I ended up buying as many as 19 books (once again) in two months from April to May.
But seriously, how could I not buy books having read or watched so many great reviews up both on BookTube and this book blog community???  At least 4 books have been added to my already too long wish list within a week… Too many temptations to resist. Utterly impossible. It’s so much fun though!

Anyways, that concludes (probably) my April & May book haul!
Thanks for reading as always.
Happy reading! XD


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