Blogger Stats Book Tag!

Hello, everybody! This is another Book Tag time and we’ll be doing Blogger Stats Book Tag!
This tag was created by AlwaysTrustinBooks and you can read the original post – here.
To my great surprise, I was tagged by jessiccamarrie493, you should definitely check her answers here!

All right, then, let’s get started 🙂


The last three books you read?

Nighteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
The Quaker Cafe by Brenda Bevan Remmes 
and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I was not all satisfied with how The Quaker Cafe ends,  but I enjoyed the reading experience.

Spoilers or spoiler free?
Definitely spoiler free. I like diving into a story pretty blindly, so I basically don’t want to know much about its synopsis. I try not to include spoilers in my posts the best I can, too.

How long have you been book blogging?
I started this book blog on August 25th, 2016. I’ve been blogging almost 9 months now.
That said, there are still so many about book blogging that I don’t even know, so reading other book bloggers’ posts are really inspiring.

A book you read in one sitting?
Being a slow reader, it’s quite a rarity for me to finish a book in one sitting, but I would say This is Where it Ends by Marieke Mijkamp. I took this book with me to the beauty salon and reached pretty close to the end.


Your favorite genre?
It depends on my mood, but Dystopian, Contemporary Fiction, sometimes YA.

Preferred book size? (novella, tome…etc.)
I am not so particular about page count, but I must say tomes feels a bit intimidating to tackle. I like books around 300 pages.

Amount of books on your TBR?
Geez, I actually lost count of how many unread books that I have, but I would say at least 100 Kindle books plus 89 physical books 😦

A book you have DNF’d?
There are actually more than one. I wrote a post on that theme here.

Recent awards or milestones?
I’ve recently hit 30 subscribers and even more surprisingly, the number of followers has been increasing. I just can’t believe this is happening. I want to thank everyone for their support!

Best interaction with an author you enjoy?
Living in the middle of nowhere in Japan, I hardly have any opportunity to actually meet/interact with authors… 😦
But that reminds me of not necessarily an actual interaction but an indirect interaction with Jeffery Archer two months ago. I’ll definitely write a post on that experience soon!

Average number of books you read per month?
I think the average hovers around 6 to 7 books.

Top three publishers?
I don’t usually pay close attention to such things. All I care is its cover and the binding lol

Social media sites your blog uses?
Twitter and Instagram. If Goodreads does count, I update my status most diligently on Goodreads with Twitter a close second.

Average amount of time you spend networking?
Being an international book blogger, I need to put a lot of time and effort into writing posts/stating my opinions in English. So I don’t get to spend as much time on interacting with other bloggers as I would like. That said, I do try to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour for networking every single day.

Most comfortable blogging position?
I blog only on my PC. So at my desk sitting on a couch.

Music or quiet when writing reviews?
Definitely quiet. Otherwise, I would get distracted and my posts would end up really disorienting and messy lol

Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?
Tough question! Geez… I would say…

Be consistent. Do the thing.

I can be quite the procrastinator when it comes to posting reviews, so I think I’ll need to keep telling myself to be consistent. That says it all lol

A blog you looked up to starting out?
Actually, none. I launched this book blog on a complete whim without knowing/having read any book blogs. But I’ve been following a lot of book blogs now. I’m learning! 🙂

The best book you have reviewed so far?
It’s really hard to narrow down! But the book it’s a toss up between On the Beach by Nevil Shute and Kane & Abel by Jeffery Archer.

Best piece of blogging advice?
Like I mentioned earlier, I still know nothing about book blogging, but from what little experience that I’ve had, I can say the book community is REALLY WELCOMING! They are so nice and encouraging. I am so glad that I started this blog.
Even if you feel like nobody’s reading your posts, they are. Just stay the way you are and keep going.

That’s it! It’s been kind of humbling to answer some of the questions, but it’s been so much fun!

Although I’m still a newbie in this book blog community and don’t know many bloggers, let me tag these people:

Before I go, my sincere thanks goes to jessiccamarrie493 once again for tagging me.
If any of you haven’t done this tag, definitely give it a try and put the link in the comment section! I am super excited to read your answers and tips on blogging!

Hope you all enjoyed the tag and I’ll talk to you guys again, soon! 😀

9 thoughts on “Blogger Stats Book Tag!

  1. Ah! This tag was so exciting to read!
    I haven’t read This is Where It Ends, even though it takes place in Alabama, Which is where I live. It does sound like a really interesting read though!
    I love the ‘Do the thing’ motto. That’s so something I would tell myself a lot. Lol. 😊💛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norin_76 says:

      Thanks, Jessica! The writing in This is Where It Ends is graphic at times, but it’s pretty gripping and I ended up liking it. The ending is beautiful. I hope you’ll like it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. silviakaybooks says:

    What a fun tag! I only follow four bloggers, but I really need to branch out. It’s cool that you bloggers have your own tags ^^
    I must say that I looked up This Is Where It Ends on Goodreads and I admire you for getting through such a heart-wrenching book (based on the synopsis). I don’t think I could do it. The only heart-wrenching book I have read recently was The Book Thief and this sounds even more raw. I’d say I can manage about two tear-jerking books a year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norin_76 says:

      Thanks! I really enjoyed your Book Buying tag video, too! I didn’t know much about the whole tag thing until recently, but my dear readers tagged me! It was simply amazing and unbelievable.
      This Is Where It Ends can be controversial and tough to get through. The descriptions can be quite graphic and spine-chilling. Yet the ending (the vigil scene) was literally heart-breakingly beautiful. If you think you can manage, give it a try 😉


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