Top 5 Wednesday ~ Summer Reads!~

118368It’s Wednesday! This means it’s officially time for Top 5 Wednesday, a weekly book meme created by Lainey @GingerReadsLainey over YouTube and now hosted by Sam @Thoughts on Tomes.
You can check that out and join the Goodreads group here.

This week’s topic is ‘Summer Reads.’
The weather is heating up (for half of the world), so what books remind you of summer and are your quintessential summer reads?

Now, a disclaimer: I haven’t read many so-called ‘summer reads’ thus I cannot come up as many as five books just yet. So, please allow me to include some books that I definitely intend to read this summer.

Without further ado, here are three books that remind me of summer:

  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
  • Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
  • Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook 

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is actually my quintessential summer read. I first read this book in the summer 2014 (or sometime) and I reread it last summer. Both times, I absolutely adored this book. Basically, I am a huge sucker for such coming-of-age-stories. For me, this book is just perfect; the plot, the characters… I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE this book. You should definitely check this out if you haven’t already.

Next on my list is Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. The reason why this book is on the list is quite simple; this is my very first adult fiction that I read in English and I read this in the mid summer of 2013 if my memory serves me correctly.
I still clearly remember reading this at the city library escaping the blazing summer heat (you know, you don’t have to worry about your electric bills at libraries where the AC is set at a comfortable temperature…).  As the story happens to take place in summer, those two elements putting together, this book made the list.

I picked up Life’s a Beach just because I read it last summer. I first couldn’t relate to the main character whose name I no longer remember at all, so I didn’t find it impressionable at first, but the book ended up an OK read; I took it as a story of self-discovery takes place in summer.  Through some setbacks and a light, hazy love triangle the heroine finds the purpose of her life.  Like I mentioned, it’s not super impressionable, but this book definitely reminds me of summer and I’ll probably reread this book as summertime rolls around. Not every summer, but we’ll see.

Next, I’m going to pick up two books which I am planning to read this summer.

  • The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond 
  • The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis

As a matter of fact, I haven’t read a single book by those authors. I actually don’t even know their synopsis. However, look at the covers – they are very summery and just tempting.  I myself don’t appreciate summer because summers here in Japan are so brutal and miserable with super high humidity, but I kind of like things that give off a summery vibe.

One concern is that I only have them in Kindle format. Being a non-Kindle reader, I am not quite sure how inclined and willing I will be when the summer gets closer. Which means, I’ll be most likely to go on a big summer-reads haul… 😛

Anyways, that’s about it for today.
What are your top 5 summer reads? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ll talk to you again soon! 😀


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday ~ Summer Reads!~

    1. Oh, really! Now that’s good to know!
      I fell in love with the cover and downloaded it without even know the synopsis lol
      Definitely looking forward to reading it!


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