Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote


It was really a hard rating to make and I know this is going to be a very unpopular opinion, but the main title, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ didn’t steal my heart as much.

I gave this book 4 stars – 3.5 for the main title, and 4 stars as a book because the three short stories are so good.

This is my very first Truman Capote; I have never watched the movie adaptation either, so I had absolutely no idea how the story goes and what this book is all about.
I guess that’s what made me a bit hard on this.

First and foremost, I am a reader who is not so strong with atmospheric writing, which kind of exudes a snippet of message and makes the readers figure out what it means rather than explicitly convey what it is about. I’ve always struggled with this type of writing and I found, at least in the beginning, this book falls into the category. It stumped me significantly and gave me a hard time.

I really tried to like this main title, I really did, given how many readers absolutely adore this book. But it was only past 80 pages that this book finally won my heart; after Holly’s (wrong?) arrest for unknowingly working as a liaison for Sally Tomato.
The story finally started sinking in on me and got riveting from there.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite scene is the cat scene on her way to the airport in the end. She once insisted that both the cat and herself are independent, the cat doesn’t belong to her thus it’s got no name, but once shushing the cat away,  the realization strikes her – she realizes that the cat belonged to her. And she fears if the same thing keeps happening for the rest of her life, that she doesn’t recognize something belongs to her until she parts with it.
This is the part where I finally felt I (partially) understood Holly’s character, where she felt real to me. Up until that point, I couldn’t relate to Holly at all. While I admit she’s gorgeous, enigmatic, irresistible, free-minded woman, she also came across very frivolous and unlikable.
But now, finishing this book, I now think that might have been her vulnerability what makes Holly seem that way.

As for the writing, I thought ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ gives off a dream-like vibe throughout. Some things happen in the story did grab my attention and sucked me in, but on the whole, it felt like I was seeing how things unfold through TV screens or even, from a place high way up. They didn’t feel close to me, which I was Okay with though.

Despite such issues that I had , the ending definitely left me stunned. It was glorious. So beautiful. The ending made up all the issues and problems that I had with this story.
It left a warm, fuzzy, somewhat nostalgic feeling.
Now, it may sound weird, but have any of you ever felt, like, your impression and thoughts change as time go by? It’s like, ‘I’m gonna give this book solid 3 stars. It’s kind of Meh for me,’ right after finishing the book but the story gradually grows on you and you start thinking, ‘maybe this book deserves 4 stars, I might kind of like this.’
This is what’s happening to me right now.  (So this post may seem quite contradictory – I’m sorry about this.)

As I said, I first gave this main title 3.5 stars and gave the book 4 stars for the sake of the other three short stories, I liked them better.
However, writing this post and reflecting back on the story, I’ve started to think I may like this main title after all. Funny as it may sound, but it’s true.
Anyways, that’s about it for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This book includes other three short stories ‘House of Flowers,’ ‘A Diamond Guitar’ and ‘A Christmas Memory.’
They are all quick, entertaining reads. My favorite definitely goes to ‘A Christmas Memory.’ I liked it so much.

I personally think ‘House of Flowers’ and ‘A Christmas Memory’ have some fairy-tale vibe to them, but when the story starts to take a darker tone in ‘House of Flowers,’ it took me by surprise.
Although they are all really short, they are less than 20 pages each, the story lines are really solid and once again, the writing is very atmospheric (but easy to follow).

To put it in a nutshell, this is a book I’ll most likely to come back.
I did say I didn’t love it at first, but it seems that I ended up liking it a lot.
I think I’ll go watch the movie adaptation first and see which version I like better.


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