Recent Updates


Hello, all! How’s your reading coming along?
As for me, I’ve just finished the 9th book this month; I’ve been doing good.

That said, since the end of the year is inching up, it’s getting more and more difficult for me to set aside larger chunks of time to post here because of the shear craziness at my workplace; I’ve been putting so many hours into overtime almost every single day. (Seriously)

Being a non-native, it does take me a lot of time and effort to put my thoughts and feels into words. Believe it or not, I always make a concerted effort not to sound like a broken record, harping on the same thing or using exactly the same expression all the time.

For that reason, although I manage to set aside some time to read, I just don’t feel that I have enough time to sit down and post as frequently as I used to; at least for the moment.

So, until everything is done and dusted, I’ll put links to my Goodreads reviews in ‘The Books that I read‘ page so you can check them out!

The reviews that I post on Goodreads are pretty short compared to the ones that I post here, but better than nothing, right?
Please check up on ‘The Books That I read‘ page on a regular basis so as not to miss anything! 😛

Sorry for the delay, but I’ll definitely catch up on my blogs once I get back into the swing of things!

Talk to you soon 🙂



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