Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn


I gobbled this book down in one day; it was as beautiful a story as the last one.

<Excerpt from the back cover>

In ENGAGING FATHER CHRISTMAS, Miranda Carson spends and English Christmas with her boyfriend, Ian, expecting that she’ll soon find herself engaged and the charming village of Carlton Heath will be her forever home.
But as word of Miranda’s true identity spreads beyond the family, all of her relationships are soon threatened. Will Father Christmas have a redeeming gift in store for them all?


I think you can enjoy this amazing story a lot more if you go blindly just like I did.
I went into this book knowing almost nothing about the plot and I enjoyed it immensely.

Just like the previous one, ‘Finding Father Christmas,’ Robin Jones Gunn’s writing is so beautiful and almost poetic. Her writing possesses the quality of Classic literature, so solid and captivating while being so calm and tranquil.

The pacing is also perfect; it proceeds at a steady pace while maintaining the quiet ambiance. There are some foreshadowings that allude the possible turmoil later in the story, but they are like quiet ripples moving across the surface of the water and they don’t disrupt the pacing of the story.

As for the plot, I found it interesting that there are still some awkwardness between Margaret and Miranda despite the ending of the last book. From Margaret’s last remark in the last book, I was convinced that Miranda was accepted by the Whitcombe family with open arms, but the plot suggested the otherwise – there is still a tangible barrier between Miranda and Margaret, and I thought that’s what turned this story into a page-turner.

The rift may have been the reason why I invested in Miranda’s character so much and wanted to see a reconciliation between those two. Miranda is so compassionate, gentle and unobtrusive. She cares about others and hates to cause trouble for her sake. That’s all the more reason why I wanted Margaret and Edward to acknowledge her as a member of the family.
Her grief and anguish over the revelation of her true identity felt so acutely and I almost cried.

Speaking of crying, we can’t skip talking about the dialogues. They are as stellar as the last ones.
Although I cried only once in the last book, I cried three times in this book. The dialogues got my waterworks once again and I just couldn’t stop crying; leave it to Robin Jones Gunn to make me cry; she never fails. 

Although there are points that I found predictable and I knew something bad and unnerving would happen somewhere because the synopsis on the back cover, I still could hear my heart beating really fast when ‘something’ actually happens. It was so intense and gripping, literally unstoppable. Just amazing.

Having read the two ‘Father’ books, I’m now convinced Robin Jones Gunn is a stellar, amazing writer.
I am now keen to read the latest book in the series, ‘Kissing Father Christmas!’


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