Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Dark Matter: A Novel


Let me say this out loud first – I have never read anything like this before.
I’m still reeling from the impact that this book had on me and I still can’t process all the feelings that this book gave me.
This book has just toppled my perspective upside-down.

Oh, my gosh.



All right, that’s my initial thought.  Let’s talk about my personal thoughts on this book.

Like I said, I have never read a book like this before. This is such a weird, straight-up crazy, yet a fantastic Sci-Fi book.  An incredibly powerful, mind-bending read that captures the imagination of the readers and hooks us on adrenaline.
The shear craziness and weirdness gripped me and wouldn’t let me go till the end. It was was so addictive and riveting.

I think it is next to impossible to express my thoughts and feels on this book without giving anything away, because even a snippet of details can be a spoiler and ruin the fun you’d get out of reading this book, but the plot is just incredible and the writing is brisk and spectacular, the last 60 to 70 pages are super fast-paced, incredible page turner, I just couldn’t put it down nor did I want to put it down.

Jason Desson is a brilliant physicist and teaches physics at Lakemont College. He was on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough in quantum physics when he found out that his girlfriend, Daniella, was pregnant with a boy fifteen years ago.

He was sort of content with his life as a mediocre professor and his role as a husband and a father.

One Thursday night, on his way home from the local pub where he had some drink with his old friend who has just won a prize, he gets abducted, knocked unconscious and then gets injected some weird substance.

when he wakes up on a laboratory bed, he senses that something is wrong.

Everyone seems to be overjoyed by his return but Jason himself doesn’t recognize any of them. They tell Jason that 14 months have gone by since his disappearing.
Daniella- who is supposed to be his wife in his world (The world Jason is familiar with) turns out to have been seeing his friend. Daniella and Jason parted ways 15 years ago; not to mention, they don’t have a son.

Dumbfounded and utterly baffled, Jason tries to figure out the way to get back to the life he belongs to – the way that leads to his beloved wife, Daniella and his son, Charlie.

The concept of the plot may come across a bit far-fetched; I must say I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around on some points and there are things that I find hard to process, but it is not over-the-top difficult to digest nor hinder you from enjoying the story.
Blake Crouch did an amazing job in breaking the mind-bending concept into manageable bits of information and make them easy enough to understand even for people like me who can’t make head or tail of science or physics.
Yes, it is still mind-blowing and crazy, but one part of me actually finds the idea very intriguing.

What if different versions of life do exist? What if different versions of YOU do exist?

That’s all can divulge as far as the story goes, that I can vouch for this being an extraordinarily fantastic, amazing book.

The writing is also amazing and just spectacular – he makes what is already creepy and eerie even creepier, what is already intense even more intense. This book sucked me in straight away and spat me out at the end of the book. How gripping it was!

I found the pacing was a bit odd somewhere in the middle because Jason makes a game-changing discovery in how to get back to his own world, what factors affect to which world he lands next.
I was like, “Hold up, isn’t it a bit too early for him to figure this out? We’ve still got more than 100 pages to go.”

But that’s how it should be – the plot gets even crazier towards the end.

Everything happens in the last 100 pages are totally unexpected – so twisty and mind-bending. I felt like I was in a vortex and looking how fast everyhting flies past in front my eyes.
The last 60 pages in particular, is such a page-turner; I couldn’t put it down and I read the rest in one sitting. I could even hear my heart hammering in my chest. I’m not exaggerating, I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath till the end.

My mind just went blank when I closed the book. ‘What was that I’ve just read?! ‘ That was all I could think of at the time. I was overwhelmed by the exhilarating twists and the brilliant end.

I’m so glad that I believed the hype and picked this book up.
This is no doubt a thrilling, exciting page turner that won’t disappoint you. I seriously think this book would make a fantastic movie and kind of hope it would.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested. Don’t worry if you’re not big on science fiction, the theory is broken down easily enough to follow.
This is definitely worth your time, I can vouch for that.


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