Hope Springs on Main Street by Olivia Miles

Hope springs on Main street

Hope Springs on Main Street (The Briar Creek Series)


Actually, I’m still debating whether to give this book 3.5 stars or 4 stars on Goodreads.
It was a quick, delightful read.

This book showcases some tourist-pleasing events and spots in Briar Creek and it made me want to visit the quaint little town and see what the town has to offer with my own two eyes.

This book is all about ‘the second chance in life’ in a nutshell.
Jane Madison, who divorced her husband a year ago and is a single mother, has been a bit down in the dumps since she heard her ex-good-for-nothing husband is going to get remarried to ‘the other woman.’ She hasn’t been able to get rid of the knots in her stomach every time she observes happy couples and her older sister, Grace, happily prepping for her own wedding.
Another main character, Henry Birch, comes back to his home town for the first time in six years to wrap up some unfinished business – tidying up his old house tainted with bad memories with his mother and put it up for sale. His stay in Briar Creek was originally supposed to be short-term. Until he runs into his old crush…

This book is the third book in the Briar Creek series.
I’m always a bit concerned when it comes to reading books in series, being afraid of failing to fully enjoy the book because of being unfamiliar with the settings and the characters, but it was not the case with this book.

At first, I just couldn’t relate to neither of the main characters Jane nor Henry as to why they are so in denial and vulnerable; it seems that they just try to skirt around their problems which was actually a bit irritating to me.
However, as their deep-rooted stigmas and miseries were revealed as the story went, they gradually grew on me and I really appreciate the development.

In terms of the plot, I kind of thought it was a bit predictable with two lovelorn people scrambling back and forth, wondering if they are meant for each other and being ‘the right one’ for one another. That said, the first chapter which brings the depressing news of her ex-husband’s remarrying to Jane’s attention felt so poignant and I found myself absorbed in the story in an instant and the whole story was no doubt entertaining enough to keep me going till the end.

I must say that I just love the last chapter and the Epilogue. They are just adorable and beautiful.

I particularly adored the shift in Henry’s perspective towards his hometown and his life through all the interactions with people in Briar Creek.
The development may seem cheesy and not at all fresh nor anything new, but it feels so comforting to read and I devoured those two chapters.

Now that I’ve finished this book, I’m interest to read the rest of the series.
I’ll recommend this book to anyone who is into quick, comforting and delightful read 🙂


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