The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

The bad beginning

I have heard a lot of people say this series is depressing to read on, but I’m not quite sure about that.
If anything, I find this book really enticing, even delightful.

I am definitely not talking about the plot; I’m talking about the writing style. It is so unique, if anything, it’s so beautiful.

The story begins with a terrible fire that engulfed the entire Boudelair mansion and Mr. Poe visiting the Boudelair children to deliver the terrible news of their parents having perished by the fire.

In accordance with the very specific direction in Mr. Boudelair’s will, the children are then  entrusted with Count Olaf, the geologically nearest relative of them.
As if to say the fire itself weren’t devastating enough, the author forebodes even grimmer events await the Boudelair children and warns the readers to put the book down immediately if they expect a feel-good, happy-ending story.

As I mentioned earlier, I read with book with much delight. I love his writing style, it’s somewhat quaint and quirky yet it definitely has a very dignified vibe.
I particularly love the moments where he stops right middle of a sentence and then starts explaining the definition of the word he has just used. It makes you feel like having him right in front of you and listening to him narrating the story.

His diction is what I think makes his writing stand out from others’. I don’t know how to articulate this and I can’t possibly find the way how, but I believe you’ll see it when you actually pick up his book and start reading.

The latter half is, in particular, an amazing read. The plot is well-crafted and so riveting and compelling.  I had so many moments when I gritted my teeth and cried, “Ughhhhhhhh!!” out of frustration from things not going in favor of the Boudelair children.

Although the book doesn’t end with a positive note as the author warns, it is definitely an enjoyable read. Trust me, the plot itself is NOT as depressing as some may say. Think of it, this series is for children; what is depressing to kids doesn’t mean it’s depressing to us adults.

I personally highly recommend this book on so many levels 😀



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