Never Never (Book One) by Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher

Never Never

Never Never


Oh. My. Gosh. 

That was the first response when I finished this book.

For such a slim book with only 158 pages, it was an incredibly gripping, quick read. Despite being a non-native meaning I read undeniably slower than most of you readers out there, I finished this book within a day and I devoured everything about this book.

You may find the entry to the story a bit disorienting – small wonder – because one of the main characters, Charlie, who narrates the first chapter, is as disoriented as you probably are.

She has lost her memory.

She doesn’t remember why she is and where she is, who her friends are, quite surprisingly, she doesn’t even remember her name.

Then she meets some of her friends and a guy who supposedly is her boyfriend, Silas, at her school’s cafeteria and finds Silas seem a bit off as she is. They later find out that neither of them remembers a thing or recognizes each other (despite having been dating for four years) but decide to stick together until they figure out what exactly happened to them.

Basically, this book is all about both of them trying to find as many clues as they possibly can which can lead them to the cause of them losing their memory.

I started off  with a low expectation; taking the size of the book into account, I wrongly assumed that it would be one of those YA novels, being a fluffy, feel-good book.

But I was wrong.

I was dead wrong.

My gosh, how can I process what I’m feeling now???!!!

Let me warn you; this book ends with quite a cliffhanger, the last chapter is incredibly fast-paced and I literally felt my heart palpitating, pounding against my rib cage.

This is a dual perspective book and is alternatively narrated by two main characters that I mentioned earlier, Charlie and Silas, which means we follow the story from their perspectives.
They are both perplexed and confused in the beginning of the book, but the difference in their personality gradually comes to the surface as the story proceeds and I enjoyed that revelation.

I didn’t particularly find the writing was impressive in terms of aesthetic point of view, yet I found there was something intense and gripping in the writing style, something that captivates my heart and won’t let go. I enjoyed the whole process of them trying to unravel as much as they can who they really are and what things used to be like before they lost their memory.

It was quite an intense, exciting read. I still feel my head is kind of spinning, trying to process what I got to know through the book and to be honest, I’m debating whether to buy the whole series in the paperback format or download the other two books. 

Seriously, I’m hooked.


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