The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury


The Halloween Tree

Happy Halloween!

I’ve now come to wonder if it’s appropriate to use this common phrase having finished this book.

As I previously mentioned, I managed to finish reading it last Saturday, thanks to my mom going out for a walk for an hour or so.

My gosh, this book amazed me in all respects; the writing is just grand and beautiful, it sounds like a poem and oh, THE BARGAIN the boys make with Mr. Moundshroud to save Pipkin!! It ripped my heart; it was incredibly profound (for children’s book) and pregnant with meaning. Literally mind-blowing. I momentarily lost for words and couldn’t say anything but ‘Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh!!

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs contain some spoilers. Those who haven’t read this book before, I strongly suggest you read this part AFTER you’ve read the book. For those who have already known how it goes, drag your mouse down to ‘End Spoilers.’

The bargain they make with Mr. Moundshroud to save good-old Pipkin trapped in the world of Death and Darkness is to give up one year out of their lives.

One year doesn’t seem like much with the boys being so young and sprightly, but as Mr. Moundshroud says it carries a significant meaning when their days are numbered. I think they will come to wish to live as long as possible, every single day counts in such situations, but once they make the pledge, Mr. Moundshroud will come to them and take away one year of their lives.

So he asks the boys – Can you make this commitment? Are you willing to sacrifice your precious one year of your life to save Pipkin?? Consider and deliberate this; think about a time when your life is coming to a close.

I literally sucked my breath, thinking, “What a huge decision for the boys to make!” One year out of their lives. What will the boys be thinking of having their one-year taken out of their lives when they want to live longer?

I just couldn’t put it down – completely got wrapped up in reading and was desperate to see how the story ends.

–End Spoilers —————————-

I would not say that I get to comprehend all the-origin-of-Halloween part, but in spite of that, I am glad that I picked up this book for this year’s Halloween.

Having read this book, I now feel sorry for all the craziness and racket that we’ve seen here in Japan (especially in Shibuya, Tokyo): dressed up in crazy costumes and traipse down the streets not knowing what Halloween really is, or what meanings Halloween carries to the dead.

Halloween is a celebration for the dead and personally, I don’t think it should be taken lightly; it shouldn’t be reduced down to a mere festival propagated by some guys who just want to jump on the bandwagon.

A great book does possess a power to change our perspective.
Mine has definitely changed upside down having read this book and I think it’s a wonderful thing.

Now, what do you think?
As I said, I’m glad that I picked up this book in time for Halloween and I am seriously thinking of getting a hardback because I want to read it again and again and again when Halloween rolls around!

Happy Halloween!


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