the-halloween-treeOh, my gosh. It’s only two days until Halloween!

I’ve been reading ‘The Halloween Tree’ by Ray Bradbury since last night.

Although I was bound and determined to include some spooky, creepy books to my October TBR, I hadn’t even thought of reading ‘Halloween themed books’ until about a week ago! What was wrong with me?!  lol

Thanks to my dear Twitter friend (she tweeted about this book), I decided to add this to my Spookathon TBR.

Having done with what I had been reading, I immediately moved on to this book.


I now find that I really, really need to sit down and focus on reading to fully absorb what’s written in this book.
Let me get this straight – I’m not much of a Classic fan or being literary, so I’ve always had a bit of a hard time reading Classics such as Jane Austen.

And this book; the rhythm how the words flow is so beautiful and the descriptions are just superb. Yet it’s a teeny bit difficult for me to grasp if I don’t single-mindedly focus on it.

I can’t, I just can’t read this book in a distracting environment such as in a room with the TV on.
Words just slip my mind and nothing comes into me if I do so. (and it did happen to me last night. Duh.)

But alas, I’m at Mom’s place now and am going home tomorrow afternoon. In other words, I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to get back to peace and quiet in my room.

Or, hopefully I can find some downtime when I can knock off a few chapters tonight.
…No, I think I’d rather read this in one or two sittings so that the flow won’t be disrupted.

I’m literally between a rock and a hard place now 😦



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