October Book Haul!!

Hello, hello! 

The books that I got from Amazon and Book Depository have just arrived safe and sound. 
Look at the books that I got in the month of October!!

book-haulThese are what I got in the early October. I bought ‘It Ends With Us’ myself, but the other two were sent from my Twitter friend who has been so, so… incredibly nice to me since I got to know her 🙂

I got ‘The Fireman’ by Joe Hill and ‘Hope was There’ by Joan Bauer.

I have already read ‘The Fireman’ and am definitely going to read ‘Hope was There’ sometime next month.

Now on to the books which have just arrived today!

The one at the bottom is ‘Sweetbitter’ by Stephanie Danler.  One of my favorite BookTubers raved about this book in her videos saying that the writing is so beautiful, and as you might already know, I am a kind of person who picks a book by its cover knowing how shallow it sounds 😦   But hey, I’m not ashamed of being a ‘cover lover’! Book covers do play a huge role in choosing books to read because it’s the first thing that jumps to the eye!

The sefullsizerender-1cond from the bottom is ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Again, this book was
mentioned in my favorite BookTuber’s video and I got it when I found it 50% off at Book Depository!  Who could resist such a good deal? Bearing in mind that ‘Now or Never’ and I just snatched it. My goodness, how beautiful it looks. It’s got a sparkly cover! 😀

Next,  I got ‘Will You Remember Me?’ by Amanda Prowse.
To tell the truth, neither have I heard of Amanda Prowse nor have I read her books before.
I was just browsing Book Depository when I found this one; again, the beautiful cover caught my eye yet I must say that the synopsis also grabbed my attention.
No matter how beautiful the cover may be, I wouldn’t buy a book if the book failed to intrigue me. Never.

Lastly, the top one – ‘Hope Springs on Main Street’ by Olivia Miles.
Earlier this month, I just wanted to read something that gets me in the autumn mood and I found this book in Bookbub’s list of ‘books that set the mood for Autumn’ or something like that. I literally fell in love with the autumn foliage in the background and envisioned how beautiful and autumnish to have books like this in my bookshelf.

Now that I spelled out the reasons why I picked them up, it sounds like I’m only interested in their beautiful covers, but I am really, really looking forward to getting my hands on these books! Hope they are all measure up to the hype and my expectation!


Before I go…:  Look at how jagged the edges of the pages are… I know I ordered a ‘rough-cut’ copy of ‘Sweetbitter,’ but I wasn’t expecting this… it knocked me off a little bit. I didn’t know the notion ‘rough-cut’ besides the title means books with uneven or ragged edges!
I am not that upset, but I just think it might be a bit hard (or next to impossible) to turn pages with one hand XD



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