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the-dispatcherHello, hello! 😀

Today, I just wanted to share with you some snippets of my bookish life.

First up, I recently downloaded the free-offering from audible ‘The Dispatcher,’ and am currently listening to it.

And yes, I’m loving it!
It’s such a short story but is very suspenseful and I tremendously enjoyed how the story unfolds.

Particularly, the narrator, Zachary Quinto, is just beyond AMAZING. He deftly performs each character in the story by changing the way he speaks or the tone of voice, I sometimes felt as though the characters were played by different narrators.

It’s hands down a great listen, you won’t regret it.
The offer will be available through November 2nd.

The next thing I want to share with you all is…

cuiqgqqvmaaxx5yDa-da! I’ve just got ‘It Ends With Us’ by Colleen Hoover!
Look at the beautiful cover! I literally fell in love with it.

Truth be told, I have never read Colleen Hover nor had I heard of her until I started watching one of those Booktube videos.
This book is actually mentioned in a lot of Booktubers’ videos and it seems to have gotten pretty good reviews by most of them. Intrigued, I decided to get a physical copy 🙂

I used to read books mainly on my beloved Kindle, but starting to watch those Booktube videos has inspired me and changed my perspective toward physical books. Yes, I’m starting to crave the feeling of books in my hands, the rustling sound of paper, and on top of all that, book covers of Western novels are way more beautiful and aesthetic than the Japanese ones.

Although I can easily imagine that I’ll be having issues as to where to store physical books in my tiny apartment, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it 😛

By the way, it’s already October – how fast time flies!!

Again, in relation to October, a lot of Booktubers started posting Halloween themed videos picking up some spooky books.
Being born and bred solely in Japan, I am not familiar with Halloween as much as you might be. The culture of Halloween has yet to be as deeply ingrained in Japan as it is in your country.

Having said that, I am all up for including some spooky books (psychological thriller, maybe?) in my October TBR.  Why not just jump on the bandwagon now and again? It sounds fun and makes me feel I’m part of something and – I do love the feeling!

What are you going to read this October? I’m keen to know! 😀



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