Cipher by Aileen Erin


Cipher (The Shadow Ravens Book 1)

Well, well, well… where to start?

First and foremost, this book turned out much better than I had expected.

The backdrop of this story somewhat reminds me of a dystopian kind of world – where everything is regimented and under surveillance.

The story focuses on two main characters – Cipher, a kickass hacker, and Knight.

In the world of Emma (later employs a pseudonym ‘Cipher’) and Knight, people are classified based on their DNA, and those with unstable DNA are marked with a red tattoo called Red Helix which generally represents a dead-sentence or wound up on a laboratory table for experiments.

The heroine, Emma (aka Cipher) is a Red Helix with an insanely strong special ability to harness electricity; she can actually zap people to death by giving an electrical shock.
Because of her ability and being a Red Helix, she has been on the run for the most of her life.

On the other hand,  Knight, whose real name is Hunter, has been in search of Emma since the day Emma put herself against Hunter’s father to save his life. Hunter has always thought he owes his life to her. He had made finding her and protecting her his mission – he’s willing to risk his life for just like Emma did twelve years ago.


I massively enjoyed this book. As I mentioned earlier, saying this book exceeded my expectation is an understatement; this is a quick yet great read.

I enjoyed the dual perspective writing style in this book. It was a bit confusing to tell which character was narrating the story at times, I didn’t find their voices very distinct, but I put the slight confusion down to me being so engrossed in the story that I lost track of it. Which personally testifies how gripping this book is.

Yes, the scenes where Knight and Emma are on the run were so thrilling that actually made me hold my breath at times; the writing was surprisingly strong, intense and compelling, I couldn’t stop reading when I was past 80% of the book (and that is where the story really expands and gets riveting.)

It’s got action, sort of Sci-Fi elements, heart-wrenching drama and not to mention, a love story between Emma and Hunter. The scene that describes their first encounter (when Hunter finds Emma after all the search) is just dramatic – he pulls her into an embrace to drawn in the electricity she generates (he has acquired the ability by training), Emma’s confusion and surprise were well drawn out. The brisk and strong writing creates a dramatic effect, I felt as though the time had ground to a halt when I read the scene.
No time for savoring the sweet, dramatic moment of the two different souls’ re-encounter – it moves on to the thrilling, exhilarating escape from the enemy that’s been chasing after Emma.

Knight can’t be anything but such a heartthrob; he’s handsome, hot and more than anything, he dedicates his life to finding and protecting Emma and he pledges he will never let her go no matter what – and oh my, he calls her ‘princess’!

Yes, Knight and Princess! What a better pair could it be??? My heart melted. How swoony it is…

Like I said, the last 20% is such a page-turner; so powerful and riveting with a lot of action and drama going on. Some scenes were tough to read, literally putting me on the edge of my seat.

I was a bit skeptic about this book for being any good considering it was a freebie, but I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it is.

Don’t judge a book by not being hyped or being a freebie; you might find such a gem as I did. I recommend this book. It’s highly entertaining.

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