The Ladies’ Room by Carolyn Brown

The Ladie's Room

The Ladies’ Room

It’s pretty hard to pigeonhole this book; “Romance” doesn’t seem to sit well with me or calling it a “Chick Lit” doesn’t either.
Although I categorized this in “Romance” fiction, I think there’s much more than that.

This book is an entertaining quick read; the story opens at Aunt Gert’s funeral, in a ladies’ room all of places – then the heroine, Trudy, eavesdrops her cousins Marty and Betsy talking about her husband’s infidelity that spans nearly as long as the length of their marriage.

In indignation, Trudy decides to walk out on her husband, taking all the money out of thier joint accounts leaving just a few bits and then she moves in the house Aunt Gert leaves to her.

There aren’t a lot of climaxes or unexpected twists and turns in the plot, but the constant flow of daily events and the descriptions of her relationship with her next-door neighbor and her old friend, Billy Lee are entertaining enough to keep me engaged with the story from beginning to finish.

I loved reading how Trudy sheds her old skin of being all ‘nice’ and ‘naive’; upon discovering what her husband had been up to behind her back for the entire time, she decides to do whatever she wants to and she doesn’t actually care what others might think about her. She just treasures what she can trust in and is willing to battle with whoever stands against it with all her might (it does involve some rather eccentric, over-the-top tactics) – it was quite refreshing to see a woman undergo a bold change. She becomes a strong-willed, level-headed woman. I love it. 

With the healthy dose of sarcasm and wit in the characters’ face-offs and exchanges, I enjoyed reading this book.
The last chapter and epilogue are particularly heart-warming; the author beautifully wraps everything up and leads us to the cleansing end.

Although there are other things I want to mention here, again, I don’t want to be a spoilsport, so I’ll leave you to it.



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