The Coincidence of Coconut cake by Amy E. Reichert

The coincidence of coconut cake

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake


I always have a hard time figuring out what to read next once I’ve finished with the one I was reading. The reason of which, I assume, is that I’m prone to immersing myself completely into the story; the lingering feel tends to affect me when it comes to choosing the next book to latch on.

I decided to try this book when I was skimming through the cover images of the books on my kindle – the tantalizing image of a beautifully frosted coconut cake just grabbed my attention.

However, I’m afraid to say that the introduction didn’t grab my attention as strongly as the cover did. The very first scene that describes what kind of a person the heroin is, was meant to pull me into the story, but it didn’t. On the contrary, I found it a bit disorienting. (It may have been my drowsiness that distracted me; I started reading this book in my bed before I drifted off to sleep.)

That said, the plot thickens after Lou found out on her fiance’s birthday morning that her fiance had actually been cheating on her. Imagine discovering such an earth-shattering fact on your SO’s birthday of all times! She undergoes a complete meltdown in the kitchen of her restaurant on the very same day when a notorious food critic A.W. Wodynski anonymously visits her place for a review. Needless to say, her mental breakdown draws out an ever- scathing, samurai-sword review from him which puts her business in jeopardy.

To make the thing even more interesting and complicated, the A.W. Wodynski, whose real name is Al Waters, falls in love with Lou at first sight. They bump into each other at a pub and then start hanging out without realizing their true identity.

Actually, this is what I love the most about this story – they both hide their true self while keeping each other company. Through the interaction, Al, who used to despise the city he lives in, discovers the true wonders of the place and goes a surprising character change.
He used to be stuck-up and arrogant but he gets soften up and becomes compassionate.

All in all, the plot is well-crafted; some may find predictable, but I did enjoy reading how Al changes his attitude and how he builds a friendship with his colleague as time progresses. The descriptions are just superb and make the story more compelling.
I particularly enjoyed reading the exchanges between Al and his colleague, John; they are so comical that I couldn’t help but chuckle. The author’s sense of humor is beautifully displayed.

The author’s excellence in writing is also showcased in depicting some heart-wrenching scenes. They beautifully reflect the characters emotional turmoil, they cut through my heart and made me let out a sigh of grief, “Oh, no.”  😥

Yet, the story doesn’t end on a dark note. Let’s just say you can rest assured about this book. I can vouch for that.

Althoguh the closing scene seemed a bit too short and hasty as though there were a certain limit to how many pages the author was alloted to close the story, other than that, I tremendously enjoyed reading this book.

This book made me realized once again; I love Love stories 😛


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