Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania


I was a bit iffy about this book in the beginning; with a lingering strong impression that I had from reading (listening to) the previous book, I might not have been able to throw myself into the story completely, but its introduction didn’t leave much of an impact on me.

I don’t usually give up on a book so easily. So, while constantly debating whether I would eventually like the book or not, I just kept reading.

The descriptions of mishaps that Sadie, the main character, or her daughter Kylie cause are a bit over the top; it seems a bit hyperbole to me and it kind of goes on and on thus I got a bit sick of it.
Another reason why I was not quite sure about this book was the very main character, Sadie.
In most part of the book, (maybe around 70 percent of it) she is described as unlikable – she’s self-centered, obsessive and she wants to win all the games that challenge her.

With hard, bitter times and memories she had with her husband and her mother’s passings along with her volatile relationship with her father, she’s always been afraid of losing something she cherishes. She hasn’t learned the lesson to let things go that are beyond her control and be content with what she’s already possessed.

And her unwillingness to do so invites an unimaginable catastrophe in her life and blows a hole in her heart.

When she finally learns important lessons of forgiveness and cherishing others as well as herself- I suppose this is where the essence of Christian Fiction’ comes in – I got intrigued by how things go. I found myself drawn to the story and couldn’t stop reading.

The last 10 percent of the book describes Sadie’s redemption and how her perspective changes. It is quite cleansing to read how people can change if they open their mind and are finally ready to listen to what their hearts demand.
It was a compelling, beautiful read and I actually found tears rolling down my cheeks.

As I mentioned, I was a bit skeptic about this book in the beginning, but if you have a faith “things couldn’t be that bad,” then you may be rewarded with a surprising (maybe predictable but heart-warming) twist 😉



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