My Very First Audiobook Experience

CrqbxajUEAAMHsSYes!! I got my very first audiobook from!!!

To be honest, I was intrigued with audiobooks for some time and have actually asked around several of my friends what’s audible like, but it was kind of left on the back burner before I knew it.

This morning, I saw a tweet from my twitter friend sharing a link to her own book blog and she said she had just finished reading a book.

Wait a minute; it hasn’t been even a week since her last post, has it??

I knew that she reads books both with Kindle and Audible, and then it hit me; wouldn’t it be much more time-effective if I tried audible?

Being a non-native learner of English, I’m still striving to hone my English skills – particularly listening skill.

That said, I do want to read books as well and I have always been looking for ways to juggle those two.

Although I had put off trying audible thinking the monthly fee a bit steep for me, I finally decided to get off my butt and just give it a try!

The timing could never have been better – (US) is now offering 3o-day free trial with two books which means you can get your first two books for free!

Later on, I also found that many of the e-books you get from (the U.S. site) come with ‘Whispersync For Voice’ function which enables you to go back and forth between e-book and audiobook (for details, please dig deep on your own.) and I decided that I would download my first two books for free from audible and then I would cancel the membership; I think I’ll opt for this function because it only needs Kindle app to read and listen (it also seemed a bit more affordable for me than maintain my membership with audible. But who knows? I might change my mind.)

Anyways, yes! I got to download my very first audiobook – A Little Princess! As I started reading this book last night, I think I’ll give this a try and see how much I get to understand for a start.

I’m excited!! 😀

My special thanks goes to those who helped me out this morning. I wonder if I was being such a pest going on and on… (^_^;)



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