Doubt by C.E. Tobisman


<Synopsis (Excerpt from Goodreads)>

When Caroline Auden lands a job at a top Los Angeles law firm, she’s excited for the challenge—and grateful for the chance to put her dark past as a computer hacker behind her. Right away, her new boss asks her to find out whether a popular GMO causes healthy people to fall ill. Caroline is only supposed to dig in the trenches and report up the ladder, but her tech background and intuition take her further than planned. When she suspects a link between the death of a prominent scientist and the shadowy biotech giant, she cries foul and soon finds herself in the crosshairs. The clock is ticking and thousands of lives are on the line…including her own.

Now this rookie lawyer with a troubled past and a penchant for hacking must prove a billion-dollar company is responsible for thousands of deaths…before they come after her.

<My Thoughts>

The story begins with a stunning murder scene, depicting a fear of a renowned scientist for his impending demise; everything stems from an article on his astounding discovery of the correlation between genetically modified medicine and lethal kidney failure, which was ready for peer review prior to its publication.
The depiction actually made me put my hand on my throat and hold my breath, “Oh my god.”

The story revolves around a first-year lawyer, Caroline Auden, who is adept at computer engineering – hacking in particular – assigned with a high-profile, yet challenging case.

This is a pretty riveting and exciting read; there were many scenes where I just couldn’t put it down, prompted me to just keep on reading.

In my personal opinion, what makes this book a great read is the author’s prowess in depicting the court scenes where Caroline’s excellence is displayed to the fullest – depicting her as a competent, smart-as-a-whip figure who beats the odds.
I really enjoyed the way Caroline’s brilliant, strong performance in the court and her aptitude earn trust from her fellow associates; it’s just exhilarating to see her beautiful transition from an underdog with a shady past to a competent attorney.

It was also exciting and invigorating to see how Caroline always manages to find another lead to a possible breakthrough even when she seems to have hit the dead-end.

It seems like I always come back to self-development aspects, however, I also enjoyed reading Caroline’s character description; her insecurity, why she subconsciously seeks opportunities to right herself and where her drive eventually leads her to in the end.

I was a bit frustrated with the slow-pacing in the beginning, but once Caroline realizes her life may be at stake just like the missing co-author and Dr. Heller – a scientist killed in the opening – it picks up the pace and gets thrilling and compelling.

However, reading the synopsis on Goodreads and Amazon, I was expecting a more intense life and death chase where you need to always hold your breath, finding yourself on the edge of your seat. In that regard, it was a teeny bit of a let-down to me. But then again, I may have expected too much; this book can actually be pretty good to many of you readers.
The plot was actually well-written, well-crafted with very entertaining twists and turns.

Although I still haven’t made up my mind whether to read the sequel, I might consider it.

Oh, I almost forgot; English-wise, this may be a bit too difficult for beginners. Being a legal suspense novel, this contains a lot of sophisticated words and legal-related terms. I gather this book is actually for upper-level readers and can be a bit challenging for intermediate or upper-intermediate readers. (Again, this is based on my perspective.)



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