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Jeremy Fink and the meaning of lifeI’m currently reading ‘Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life’ by Wendy Mass.

I read this book sometime around 2013 when I was on my second year of restudying English and I felt like writing a book review on this book.

This is a kid’s book about a 12-year old boy, Jeremy Fink but I spare you the details because I’m going to write a book review as soon as I finish reading it.

It’s only natural that there aren’t as many posts as you would like as I just started up this blog just a few days ago. Nonetheless, I want to expand this blog into something English book lovers can refer to when they are not sure what book they should read or debating whether to read or not.

I’m afraid it will take a while before I can write up as many reviews as I would like, but I’m having a very good time reading and sharing my thoughts in my blogs, so I’m definitely willing to invest my time (as time permits) into catching up my reading and writing new posts!

Please stick with me and thank you for being patient! 🙂



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