When in Rome by J.Lynn Rowan


When in Rome

Kate Miller is a professional photographer based on Atlanta. Although she’s been mainly doing wedding photography for now, she has always wanted to make her name for herself in artistic photography.

With her mother persistently nudging her to date someone and find a true love after her baby sister, Sadie happily married to a wealthy man, Nelson, she was kind of fed up with ‘genuine love’ stuff – she knows such a thing doesn’t exist, it is only for novels or movies.
To top it all off, Kate and Sadie have been at odds for some time – ever since the family reunion several years ago, she has had a knot in her stomach when it comes to her sisterhood with Sadie.

One day, she gets a job offer from her best friend Beth to fill in a spot suddenly became vacant for a fashion shoot under the world-famous, Domenic Varezzi, which takes place in Rome, Italy.

The boss, Domenic is used to call the shot and have the final say.
Shortly after the initial shoot, Kate and Domenic has a bit of a run-off about the make-up and costumes and that leaves Kate slightly humiliated.

Despite that, it doesn’t take too long for both Kate and Domenic to realize they are attracted to each other…


This is the sequel to ‘Better Than Chocolate’ which I loved soooo much.

That said, as is often the case with sequels of books and movies where the sequel turns out to be a complete flop, I had a bit of a doubt whether this would be as good as the previous one.

The verdict? I enjoyed this one tremendously!!  Just as much as I did with the prequel.

Likewise ‘Better than Chocolate,’ this little book is jam-packed with many aspects what I personally believe necessary for a good book; a healthy dose of humor, a teeny bit of sarcasm, disturbing turns of events, family ties or friendships, and last but definitely not least, heart-pumping, tingling romance!!

The love story itself moves on rather slowly. To be more precise, the love starts budding on Domenic’s side, but it is Kate who puts the brakes on, or, at least attempts to.

One thing that really irks me but ends up having a strong hold on me about Chick Lit or Romance is the characters’ emotional conflicts.
Things would go swimmingly and happily as one can possibly hope if they followed their hearts for once, but they always make convenient excuses such as ‘not the right time’ or ‘I can’t hurt such a such a person,’ which I personally find really irritating and frustrating.
This Kate’s character follows exactly the same footsteps; although she senses a strong attraction toward Domenic but tries to shove such feelings aside and ignore them.
Frustrating indeed, but it stirred up my emotions so much and kept me engaged in the story the entire time.

Such emotional conflicts and suspension are what give such love stories a hook and this little love story beautifully demonstrates that.

The reconciliation with her sister that arrives in the end was also therapeutic and delightful to read. For such a short story with only 164 page count, it is simply amazing to have such various aspects going on.

Again, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll bet you love this.


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