Tea & Comfort by Andrea Hurst

Tea & Comfort


Kyla, the owner of ‘Tea & Comfort’ used to be a super model and was engaged to a wealthily-born man, Luke Bradford. They were madly in love in NY, and their life together was supposed to be a happy one; until she was diagnosed with lupus.

Frightened and devastated, Kyla decided to walk out on her fiance, Luke and move to Madrona Island to start over a new life, putting everything behind, avoiding any public exposure.
Although she did so in order to spare Luke from a life saddled with a sick wife and herself from a rejection, Luke has yet to be able to come to terms with her sudden departure without any explanation.

Two years later, Luke moves to Madrona Island to start his business as a proprietor of a winery, but there is another reason why he has decided to move to the island; He has found out that Kyla has been living there.

He figures he needs to set the record straight with Kyla, finding out why she vanished from his life without any explanation, and what really happened two years ago.



I got this book through Kindle Unlimited and this is a sequel to ‘The Guestbook.’

To tell the truth, I enjoyed this book better than the previous one.
Don’t get me wrong – I did enjoy the previous one as well, but as far as the plot and character development goes, this sequel wins hands down.

This is my honest personal opinion, but Lily seemed a bit narcissistic and totally and overly wallows in her own misery where she could have been saved if she had allowed herself to be upfront and ask for help, whereas Kyla – the heroine of this book – is much more mentally matured and independent.

She is, though, absorbed in her own misery as Lily did, making excuses not to be true to her feelings for Luke, plunging herself further into a state of devastation. However, she develops herself into a stronger woman at a much earlier point of the book and that was exactly what won over my heart.
When she makes a courageous decision to take their relationship to the next level, I was quite inspired by her inner strength which was brought by the abiding love from Luke.

It is irritating until Kyla finally lets in Luke on the real reason why she suddenly disappeared a couple of years ago, but once they, Kyla in particular, decide to be honest with themselves, the story gets even more enchanting.

The author doesn’t forget to throw some curveballs in the story which continue to haunt the main two characters, but she beautifully wraps everything up and then drives us to the heart-warming, simply beautiful ending.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend anyone who are into romance read it.
(And the character descriptions for Grandpa Joe (it may be Jon, already iffy.. ) is just wonderful and well grounded. I wish I had a Grandpa like him.


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