A Wedding in Apple Grove by C.H. Admirand

A Wedding in Apple Grove

A Wedding in Apple Grove


Apple Grove, Ohio is such a small town with only 597 people living there. It’s literally a close-knit society with everybody helping each other, small, but really cozy place to live.

One day, Daniel Eagan moved to Apple Grove to substitute a physical education teacher in a local school and start a new life. Brokenhearted, he was not ready for a new romance yet.

Despite his resolution to take it slow, giving himself a bit of a break, he accidentally runs into Meg at a wedding and a sudden spark runs between them; just like a love at first sight.

Before they know it, they find themselves undeniably and uncontrollably attracted to each other both mentally and physically. But Meg also has a past she tries to stash away in her heart, not quite sure if she can trust another man, being too afraid of getting hurt.

Will they ever be ready to follow their hearts and be happy together?



First of all, I have to admit that I picked up this book because its beautiful cover. (I guess everyone does so more or less, right?) I was expecting a cute little love story blossoming between two people in a cute little town.


Let me warn you – surprisingly, this little book contains a lot of sex scenes. Yes, a lot.
Probably it amounts to a quarter of the book, I assume?
Relieved to say is that it’s not at all ghastly porno-ish nor obscene. It does maintain a certain degree of modesty and quality. So, rest assured.

Joking aside, another thing that I found interesting is that the heroine of this book, Meg Mulcahys is a handywoman, unlike typical heroines in love stories. She is not at all overly sensitive, fragile, nor cutey-girly type; She is mentally strong, mature and independent. Taking over her father’s handyman business and now she climbs up on the roof to repair, casts concrete, fixes pipes… she does almost anything yet still possesses a womanly sensitive facet.

Also, the character descriptions are very vibrant and vivid. In particular, the heroine Meg and endearing but a tad meddlesome townspeople are all well-fleshed out.  Reading scenes where little old ladies are gossiping in Honey. B’s beauty salon makes me feel like eavesdropping as if I were actually there, listening in their conversation.

In this book, two love stories take place simultaneously. I would divulge no more, but another one is pretty slow-paced; you can guess it’s between who and who, it is pretty predictable and it’s actually the talk of the town. Yet it moves rather slowly and that, I believe, is what makes the outcome really exhilarating, makes you want to squeal (or giggle).
The romance between Meg and Daniel moves pretty nicely yet the reason of Daniel’s reservation for throwing himself in the love with Meg and being a commitment phobia seemed a bit stereotypical and not convincing enough. The intended punch didn’t land as strongly as the author would have liked, at least for me.

Other than that, it was a decent, feel-good read with a lot of heart-warming moments.

It’s basically a heart-melting, tantalizing love story. As I said, it does include a lot of sex scenes, but they come across pretty romantic and might melt your heart. If you’re in the mood for such romance stories, you might want to pick this one up 😀


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