4 in the Afternoon by Geralyn Corcillo

4 in the Afternoon

4 in the Afternoon

Bestselling and award-winning author of romantic comedy Geralyn Corcillo has just released this collection of 4 RomCom short stories. Dates, dogs, football, monsters in the attic, misunderstandings, and unexpected discoveries abound in these tales of modern love.

I got this book from Amazon as a freebie while I was skimming through the list of books available with Kindle Unlimited.

There are 4 stories in this book and I liked them all except the 2nd one.

I put the reason down to my not knowing much about football or its rules.
As Violet’s crush, Noah, is a football player so there are dialogues where football jargon is thrown here and there which makes it a bit hard for me to follow the story.
In addition to that, the ‘Monster in the attic’ business seemed a bit far-fetched to me, personally.

Other three stories are all well crafted, well-written. I particularly liked the first one and the third one; the first one put a warm smile on my face. This short story tells us what’s inside us is what really matters rather than superficial things such as our appearances  or what luxurious cars we drive and we need to keep our eyes and minds open so as not to let such superficial things cloud our judgement. On the other hand, the third story left me giggle when the main two characters start bickering because of their big assumptions toward each other. Again, this one gives us a light warning not to jump all over others based on our misguided assumptions and judgments.

The character descriptions are so vivid, and the dialogues flow very briskly. I’m honestly amazed by how beautifully the author managed to squeez various aspects into such short pieces.

That said, I would say the true surprise is hidden in the fourth story; I’ll bet it will leave you literally stunned and gaped, yet with a warm, lingering feeling.


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