Batter Up by Robyn Neeley

Batter UP

<My thoughts>

In the beginning, I was feeling a bit iffy whether I would like this book or not.

The story begins with the description about ‘Batter Up Night’ where a beautiful blonde bakery owner, Emma Stevens sort of ‘prophesies’ to whom a lovelorn bachelor should tie the knot by using a carefully concocted and ‘enchanted’ cake batter.

Having read to this point, I was like, “Ugh, is this book all about witchcraft or fantasy kind of stuff? I’m not quite sure if I’m in the mood for this.

Don’t get me wrong – Fantasy is all well and good, I do read fantasy stories every now and then. It was just I was not particularly up for that twist when I started reading.

Given how the story started, I was expecting something like the movie “Practical Magic” featuring Sandra Block or “Simply Irresistible ” starring Sara Michelle Geller, a story focuses on women who possess a magical power. (I love the former by the way, but not the latter. It was Okay though.)

Such stories are all nice and entertaining when you are young, say, in your early twenties or something, but for me, it felt a bit too much and unrealistic.

Having said that, I have to admit that the love which starts blossoming between Emma and Jason is pretty gripping and fair enough, my anxiety towards the magical aspect was immediately taken over by my anticipation how their relationship would develop.

What really grasped my attention was the revelation that comes in the middle; it’s somewhat heart-wrenching and sad, but I think it does offer some clarity not only to Jason but also to readers and teachers us the importance of opening up and being true to our hearts.

My overall impression toward this book is fairly good; I am actually tempted to download the sequel through Kindle Unlimited.

The only downside that I would point out is, the “THE END” that comes right below the last sentence.
I prefer having a blank page to this “THE END” stuff. It comes across spoiling all the lingering sensation by seeing the bold capitals sitting in the middle; I always feel like being yanked back to reality every time I see the capitals.

What do you think?
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